Friday, May 18, 2012

First email home, May 16, 2012

In Brazil it is not called MTC (Mission Training Center), but CTM.  The first day their teachers told them they would progress from Mess before arriving at speaking in Portuguese.  Right now, they feel like they've lost a little bit of their English vocab and don't have the Portuguese yet, so they're a mess.

They have one teacher who they thought only spoke Portuguese but after 6 days of frustration and charades he broke down and now they know he speaks fluent English.

They went to the Temple Wednesday (16th) morning and enjoyed the session that was in English, the
majority of the temple workers are Brazilians.

Wednesday they miscalculated the time they had for free time on their P-day and only had 10 minutes to use the computer.  Her companion, Sister Matiaco couldn't get onto a computer that types right...
Most of their P-day they enjoyed the awe of returning to the world from the CTM.  They ate their first meal outside the CTM.  They enjoyed walking around and shopping a little bit. 

She says "Rice and beans, yum." and "Portuguese is fun."  I received several photos, will have someone at home walk me through posting them, soon.

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