Monday, July 29, 2013

To: shauna bullen
The two skirts sound really pretty, I trust your judgement.  White would be fancy and fun, but maybe harder to keep clean (but if you think its prettier, I'd definitely use it).  But, I like both colors, so send what you think would be prettier. I always like what you send me :) 

You mentioned that maybe I know what date I return home.  But nope, haven't heard anything yet.  I THINK i'll be returning home around the 13 of November or so.  But no one has called me, and I haven't had the desire to call and ask. haha but trust me, youĺl be the first to know (well when i use the computer Monday after i hear)  

But this week was really good.  We went on splits with the sisters of Cascavel and the week always seems to fly by even faster then usual because of the travel and running to catch up after. 

This week we caught some pretty cold weather.  It reached about 34 degrees or so here,  and probably a little bit colder in Cascavel.  Ha i feel for the 4 sisters that are serving there.  They're all from the North of Brasil (Manaus, Recife, & Bahia) so theyŕe suffering a little bit.  Haha but i had to laugh a little bit.  The apartment there has 2 bedrooms and they have 2 electric heaters.  So they crank up the heat and the energy doesn't support it so the circuit breaker goes off after about 10 minutes so they normally pass the whole night without, but they know if they turned down the heat to low it would support it. ha But they're amazing sisters and we had some neat experiences together. 

This week we were really overwhelmed by the sisters in our branch, who love us and are taking good care of us. haha they had an activity Saturday and sent us about 3 bags of food - hot dogs, breads, etc. Then Sunday we received a ton more (homemade bread, milk, cookies/crackers, chocolate for milk, leftovers from lunch, etc.) haha our fridge is jampacked :)

But it really is a great area.  The help most appreciated from members is always the trust they put in us when they trust us to teach or try to contact their friends or people they know. When they teach with us and our investigators are blessed with their testimonies. 

We had a couple of experiences this week that showed one more time how the Gospel truly brings happiness into our lives.  I know that true happiness comes from living the Gospel in our lives and obeying the commandments of God.  When we go to church and live the counsel from the scriptures and the prophet, our lives are blessed.  I know that we are happier when we do so. 

We had a really good lesson yesterday in church on working and responsibility.  Which was really good.  I love how much of a difference our attitude makes when we decide to be happy.  The gospel is moved forward by those who are willing and ready to work. 

Happy Pioneers day!  happy birthday Paula and Kayla and Erik too!!  (I think i said happy birthday to Sariah in the last email) but I hope you're all doing great and having fun. 

love you all!

Monday, July 22, 2013

11:47 AM
To: Mom

I taught Sister Huinao the song 'you are my sunshine' so it was really sweet.  This song always makes me think of Grandma and Grandpa and the love they have for this song.  I love my grandparents!! haha she taught me a song in Spanish that's a lot longer that maybe ill memorize.. 

We had a really good week looking for new investigaters and families.  We're teaching a young man who went to church with us yesterday.   He really likes to study and know everything so I hope he feels an answer and decides to follow it. 

Happy Birthday to Sariah and Kayla and Paula too (which is coming up)!!!!  July the month of Birthday's. Hope everyone is celebrating in a good way. 

Iḿ really loving this branch and am so grateful for the leadership and members who work here.  One of the sisters in the branch was talking about her visit with _____  which made me so happy . Because we have a great relationship with her, but she needs to feel the love from the branch, because someday we will leave, but the branch stays.  It is so important to see and feel the support of those around you.   _____ received the priesthood yesterday and it was so great.  I love seeing the progression of our recent converts.  One of the brothers contacted us yesterday night to give us a suit to give to him, but didn't want him to know who it was from. Such acts of kindness are from God! It was so sweet and we're excited to give it to him. 

Anyways, but it was a great week.  I am so grateful for this gospel for the peace and happiness that it gives me. I know that Jesus is my Savior and that he suffered worse than us all.  I know that God is my Father and that he loves me.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he restored the Gospel on the Earth. It is through this gospel that we gain salvation. 

Good week for you all!
Love you!

Monday, July 8, 2013


Here are 2 photos from our zone meeting which we had on Thursday (4th of July).

As a treat, I brought one of the packages of oreos that you sent me in the last package. They were well received. I can't upload photos, but since our zone leader sent these photos, I can forward them, and thought you might like to see them :)

I received your package and the package from Katrina this week when we went to Londrina. I loved them!! They were both amazing packages!! I'ḿ wearing the new black shoes that you sent me too. And I'm loving them. We wanted to make apple pie on the 4th of July, but time didn't happen, nor the next day, so yesterday we made it really fast and were able to eat apple pie with ice cream with the 4th of July plates, etc that Katrina sent. It was fun and yummy.

Sounds like everyone is starting to arrive in Pasco, I hope you all have a great time!!
(and don't worry I'm going to send another email, just wanted to send this for you with the photos to start).. 
Love you all!!

I sent an email to Sister Butlerś family for her.  She's going to Londrina to pick up a new sister who will arrive in the Mission - she's going to be a trainer.  Sister Huinao and I will stay together working here in Campo Mourâo.  We're excited to continue working together and see the miracles that will happen.  It was a really good week and we're excited to keep working.

We had our leadership meeting in Londrina this week and it was so neat to get to meet President and Sister Genaro.  They are so different than President and Sister Tavares, but I know they will bless the mission and teach us so much.  They are young and have 2 kids, their girl is 12 and their son a little older. One of the things that was really neat is he talked about the difference in Faith and Testimony.  How sometimes we have faith in something but we don't have a testimony of that thing.   Sometimes we have faith that tithing is a commandment, but we don't have a testimony.  How faith and obedience helps us to gain a testimony.  A testimony is something that we gain from obedience and trust in the Lord.  We live our testimony and demonstrate it through our actions.  I loved thinking about this this week and seeing how we always need to strengthen our testimonies.  President Genaro also talked about how the Lord wants us to be obedient, not to sacrifice.  Doesn't mean that we won't be expected to make sacrifices sometimes, but that the Lord expects us to be obedient to the commandments.

We went on splits with the sisters here in Campo Mourão this week.  I worked with Sister Butler in our area.  It was neat and we had some really neat experiences.  One, we encountered an elderly woman who invited us in to give a lesson.  She talked about her doubts and how she knows there are things wrong with the church that she attends.  But she doesn't want to find another church.  She said that she's going to die in the same church that she grew up in (her words not mine).  Itś sad, but it was a moment that was so spiritual for me.  I was able to testify that when Christ was here on the Earth he established one church that was perfect. He restored the same church through a prophet of God.  I know with all of my heart that we have the Church of Christ here on the Earth and that it is perfect.  There are no mistakes or errors with the Gospel of Christ.  It is directed from revelation from God and led by him.  His servants are imperfect normal people. So it doesn't mean the people that go to church are perfect . I am so grateful for the invite that we all have to look to God for an answer that we receive through the Holy Spirit. 

But love you all! Have a great week!!
Sister Bullen

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013 from Sister Laura Bullen

To: Mom
This week was crazy!  We had planned on going on splits with the sisters in Cascavel for two days (one day to work with each sister of 2 companionships) but when we were on the bus going to Cascavel the elders from the mission office called to say that I would have to go to Londrina to renew my visa.  So we only worked in Cascavel for 1 day and went to Londrina after and then finally returned to Campo Mourão Friday.  Friday night we had the baptism of F.  It was amazing and so great.  He has made so many changes in his life and is so much happier.  It's been so neat to see his faith grow and the desire he has to share the gospel with his family.  His parents and daughters went to his baptism and it was really neat to get to know them a little and it made the occasion even more special for him. 

A few answers to your questions - Sister Butler has more time then Sister Santos - Sister Butler is finishing the training of S. Santos.  S. Santos is from the Northern part of Brasil.  Our apartment is in the center of the city really close to everything (it's nice to have a p-day when your closer - in Maringá it was about an hour to arrive and return from using the internet).  It was warmer here this week and one day it was so beautiful and really hot, we got some sun that we really enjoyed. 

We officially have a new Mission President and tomorrow in our meeting in Londrina we will get to know him and Sister Genaro.  We're excited to get to know them. 

Time's already up- I had some problems with the computer entering in our report and it was really slow. But there will be some letters coming your way :)   I mailed one last week home and had one for Susanna too (but I forgot to write the address) so it didn't get sent yet. 

Sounds like soon you'll all be heading down to Washington, I hope you all have a really great time there. 

I love you all!!