Monday, November 11, 2013

12:09 PM

To: Mom
I traveled from Maringá for Londrina today and was interviewed by Presidente Genaro, it was really special. 

As I am the only sister returning home they arranged for a young woman from one of the wards to be my companion.  I encountered Sisters here in Londrina where I will pass the night now and tomorrow we have dinner with Pres.

I don't have much time so just wanted to send a quick message how excited I am to see all of you again. 
I know this gospel is true, That this is the church of God.  I know that He loves us and knows us individually.  The mission has been the best thing that I have done in my life and with my life.  I know that Christ lives and that he is our Savior.  I know that families can be together forever.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that reading it daily brings the spirit into our lives.  I know that through the atonement of Christ we can receive forces to do the will of God.

I love you all and will see you soon!

Monday, November 4, 2013

To: Mom
This week was a great week and flew by.  We went on companion exchanges with the four other Sisters who work in a different part of the city and live in a different apartment.  I went one day with Sister Sedgwick (from Connecticut) and the other day with Sister Rojas (from Chile, the second time I've done splits with her).  They are both amazing Sisters and we had some really neat experiences together.  I feel very blessed to be able to see how special the Sisters are in our mission and to see the hand of the Lord in our work. 

This week in personal study I was reading the talk `The candle of the Lord` by Boyd K. Packer and I love what he said `The Spirit and testimony of Christ will come to you for the most part when, and remain with you only if you share it`.  This is why we need to share our testimony and our faith.   Because without sharing our testimony it can not grow, nor can we keep it.   We can share what we believe and our belief will turn into a powerful testimony as we take care of our testimony. 

We were able to pass by one of our recent converts this week to see how they were doing.  She is really firm and has a strong testimony.  But it's hard to see all of the changes that come.  Because people truly leave a lifestyle behind.  And with this many times friends are lost or don´t stay with you.  Members are essential to make new friendships and to help and encourage new members.  I also got to hear from one of our recent converts, that he is really wanting to serve a mission and is starting to do the process of paperwork.  It was really special to hear about his desire and how much he has progressed.  Missionary work is a chain link of blessings and they never stop.  This work truly blesses generations. 
O., the brother who was baptized last week is travelling to take care of his sister in a different city, who has cancer.  But she called us to pass his address and she thanked us, saying that he has truly moved his life.  There is nothing more precious than to see how someone is an example of the atonement of Christ and how all of us can change. and it all begins with just  a little faith and trust in God. 

We met a family that I had already met about 9 months ago when I first arrived in Maringá.  It never went right and a lot of commitments fell through.  But three of the kids went with us, a teenage girl and her two younger siblings.  Her mom works at night and wasn't able to go.  But it was another experience that testified there is always a right time and that our example makes a huge difference.  We woke up before 6 yesterday to leave early to walk to our area to go to church with our investigators who had marked with us to go to church.  They all fell through, but I feel happy to know that we are doing our part.  And to know that agency is essential in the process of accepting Christ in our lives to follow his example. 

I know this Gospel is true and that our Savior loves each and every one of us.  He died so that through his sacrifice we can become whole.  I know this gospel message is a happy message. 

I'm so grateful for each and everyone of you and hope you are all doing great! 

Happy Halloween (we had a little snack at the end of our day with the treats, etc. that Katrina sent they were well received :)

Happy Anniversary to Kevin and Susanna!! 

Hope Grandma has a good surgery and that she recovers fast. 
I cant believe I'll be seeing you soon!! 
It'll be really special to get a hug from my mommy!  In Relief Society yesterday they talked about the love of a mom... Can you think of who I thought about?! 
I love you mom and am so thankful for everything you have taught me! You are the best!!   (It is wonderful that all children think their parents are the best.) 

I got a call this week from the Elders in the Mission Office.  Next Monday I'll be travelling to Londrina 11 am in the afternoon.  I don't know how everything will go if I'll have time to use internet etc.  I probably will, but if not, you know that I'll soon be seeing you :)
Love you, Your missionary, Sister Laura Bullen
PS-send a great big hug and kiss to Dad and tell him I'm very grateful to him too
And a great big hug for the rest of the family too 
love you all!!
love you!