Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Greetings from Brazil!
We just got back from lunch in the outside world. Our whole district and our two teachers plus our old teacher (who left because he got a different job offer) went out with us to a Brazilian Resteraunt. It was so good and so much fun. It was like a buffett where you get the main food that you want and then waiters come to your table with tons of different types of meat and if you want some they cut some off for you and move on. So throughout the meal, all of these waiters come by asking if you want more. I definitely ate chicken hearts for the first time today! And tons of others stuff, it was so fun. The chicken heart was a little chewy, but not bad. It was really fun to try! We also came back to find suitcases in our room. And we just found out we got a room mate finally!!!!! Sis. Bradley had a friend who got a mission call to Brazil who she knew was coming soon, but she couldn't remember where she was going or how soon she would be coming. But she walked into our room today AND she's going to Londrina!!!!!!! woo!! We are so excited!!! Tomorrow, the Brazilians should be coming in who are going to our mission fields with us. Americans are in the CTM for 9 weeks, Hispanics are here for 6 weeks, and Brazilians for 3 weeks. So all the Brazilians going to our missions will come in tomorrow for their 3 weeks and then leave the same day we leave.
We feel like we've had a ton of different devotionals this week. Early this week, we had a surprise devotional during the middle of the day. We got to hear from President Costa, who is in the 70 and the Area President over Brazil. It was an amazing talk and he had some really fun missionary stories that he shared with us. He made sure he was able to shake everyone's hand to as we left it was really fun. In the beginning of his talk he was talking about how the Lord will bless you in all aspects of your life as a missionary, even with the weather. He talked about how he has had missionaries come in from Alaska going to Manaus and to Northern Brazil. It would be 8 degrees in Celsius and then up to 40 or something in celsius (he said 120 F) and the missionaries would be able to bear the temperatures just fine. He then asked if there was anyone from Alaska - and I got to be one of 5 missionaries to raise our hands. We also had a devotional where we got to hear from President and Sister Tanner. Does Sister Tanner sound familiar? She was the previous Young Women General President, the YW President when I was in YWs. So it was really cool to meet her. She talked a lot about how you can become what the Lord Calls you to be. She talked about how we can become missionaries like Nephi became a ship builder. Last night we also had a devotional where we heard from President & Sister Leal (Spelling could be wrong) he was the previous Mission President of Londrina until 2010. They were the clearest Portuguese speakers we~ve had yet. Normally I catch phrases and pieces some more then others. But we always have a translator for the speakers, so it all works out. But last night, I caught a lot, our whole district really understood what they were saying. So granted they spoke veryy slowly and clearly it was really nice to understand a talk. Sine he had previously been the Mission President over Londrina he asked who was serving there- and I got to be 1 of 3 to raise my hands for that. But, soon there will be more of us heading to Londrina.
This week has been full of little events that have been amazing. In Irmã Korth´s class we had a testimony meeting on the Savior and how we have learned more of him or drawn closer to him as we have been here. It was an amazing experience to hear each of the 10 missionaries in our district bear testimony of our Savior. I haven´t even made it to the field yet, but I know that companionships are inspired. That our district is inspired. I can´t imagine only being with one of the sisters that I have. Our trio works great together, and we learn so much from each other. Our whole district feels like a family. I have never felt so comfortable with a group of people- outside of my family ever. We all have something to bring to the group and all of us are here to be representatives of Christ. For TRC this week we were investigators for the first time ever which was really fun, but they split all the comapanionships up. I was with two of the other Elders and I commented how it felt soo weird being away from my companions, even for the 30 minutes that it lasts. And one of the Elders said something along the lines of we´ll protect you sister and I totally believe him. We have such a feeling of unity and strength in out district. When you are united in your purpose, you are united in body.
I want you to Youtube the Brazilian National Anthem. It is amazing! We sing it every Sunday for Devotional and it is soo fun!
I know Father´s Day was this week and I hope Dad has gotten my Father´s Day Letter. I´d also like to wish Jay and Kevin a Happy Father´s Day. They are two of the best out there! They are amazing Dad´s and I am so proud of them! A big Happy First Father´s day to Jay! And I hope my Dad knows how much he has blessed my life and he has been an amazing example to me. I know I also have a Heavenly Father who knows me by name and knows my hopes and desires, my trials and my faults. I know he lives, and I am so grateful for that knowledge!
I´m once again out of time, so love you all!!
Sister Bullen

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