Monday, October 14, 2013

Mom- in response to a few questions:

When I had my last dr appt before I left he said that I should have an appt when I returned but that I could wait a few weeks if I remember right.  I'm not too worried. 
The dentist will be great, but I don't know if I need much else for appt. 
Does insurance cover back massage??  Wow. that would be great :)))

I trust Pres Duval or Bro Buma to know when i should be released.  I don't think never is an option... :( 
ha and you said you sent the last email to the bishop... don't know if I should go back and read what I sent... 

I said I opened your package in the last email, but I haven´t opened the presents yet, I stood firm against many requests to open.  But we had lunch fall through a few times this week and the cups of gold were a welcomed dessert, thanks mom!!!!  Katrina´s package has been quite popular as well, if I didn't say so.  I have the best support group :D l love you all!!

I'm really excited for this week. We will have a zone conference, interviews with pres, and stake conference. So it will fly by super fast I'm sure. 
highlights from the week...
We had a really great week. We talked a lot about desires and actions this week.  How desires lead to beliefs, which lead to hope which leads to actions. I know that God responds and grants us our righteous desires. 
I loved the scripture we read in 1 Nephi 2:4 which talks about how Lehi left everything to follow the Lord, he demonstrated his desire through his actions. 
haha Sister De Moura and I had a lady ask us this week if we were sisters..  haha we laughed pretty good 
I love that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and he does so through the feelings that come from the Holy Spirit. We can know that the Book of Mormon is true because we will feel peace, joy, and more understanding through our study.  In one of the talks I read in a Liahona he talked about his answer he got that the BOM is true and said that `the voice of a friend is louder than the voice of an adult`or that we trust in our friends more than others.  SO when they share their testimonies we can trust and have a natural curiosity to know too.

I read two talks that I loved this week from one of the past conferences one was from David L Beck (I think in English) the title is something like `Your duty to minister´ it's really beautiful and talks how we can all minister for others and make a lasting difference. 

The class in Relief Society was on missionary work. woohoo!! members make the biggest difference.  This I know.  The desire to share the gospel is a natural fruit when we are converted. 
I love you all!!! hope you have a great week! thanks for the birthday wishes and I loved the photos of Elias he's super cute!  I'll be thinking of my niece who will be making her arrival any day now too! (I don't think Susanna would like to wait 3 more weeks??) haha just kidding. Love you all!

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