Saturday, January 19, 2013

It was another good week here in Maringá. Sister Ramos and I are really enjoying our time together and finding some great people and families here. Sometimes its really funny with us two together because her accent is really thick from Recife and my accent is weird. So we had a few people this week who told her her accent sounds american too. Which is really funny. But she definitely doesn´t have an american accent. But it gives us a good laugh. At the start of this year we started reading as a mission the Book of Mormon together. So during our study time in the morning everyone is reading the same chapters. I love the book of Nephi. And always find it interesting to think about how its the book people read the most. But we can learn so much from Nephi about faith, courage, and obedience. The picture I attached is our family Almeida, i told you about a few weeks ago. love you all and have a great week! PS- Mom tell Katrina I received her package this week and it was really fun to get. It was the first time we received our mail from the mission office while i´ve been here. It was perfect. Sister Ramos and I played Go Fish with the cards she sent for language study this morning :) Also- I was wondering if Dad (or you) know the frequency of how many people in your ward are normally at church? Just curiosity, because we´re always talking about it. One last thing, I was just wondering if Brian or Erik or someone could email me a few pictures of snowmaching or something. Even if its the pictures from facebook. Really just pictures of us or them, in the snow or doing something fun Alaskan.

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