Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy P-day!

Today is the first day we´ve seen sun in a while. We´ve had pretty good rain the last few days, but it's been refreshing and we enjoyed it.

This is a really good area and I'm happy to continue working here with Sister R. We have a strong ward who helps and is always happy to serve.

One thing that I have found interesting and like to think about, especially here in Brasil, everyone has a religion or church. So everyone really has faith. But faith isn´t just believing. We demonstrate our faith in our actions and our lives. We practice what we believe. Christ didn´t just invite people to think about him, but to follow him. We as children of God can show our faith, our love for him through our actions. People want to see blessings from God to see his love in our lives. He also wants us to show our faith. That's why we´re here to walk with faith. To choose the right.

This week with transfers, Sister M. and a sister R. (not my companion, but a new sister who arrived - same last name) slept in our house for one night. They were passing through traveling to their area. So it was really neat to see them, especially Sister M., because it's been a good while since I've seen her. We have 21 sisters in the mission, and now 8 sisters in our zone (which is a lot for one zone).

So one thing that's funny. I don´t know if I´ve already talked much about it, but Sister R. has a really thick accent. She´s from Recife, so she has a northern accent. But when people here hear her talk they know shes not from ´here´ but they know I'm not too. Sometimes people ask if I'm German or from Portugal, but normally they know I'm American. But it's really funny to see sister R. get these reactions and we laugh together about it. One person asked if she was Muslim or from India this week. But normally a few times a week (it's not really that many times if you think about talking with people all day) she gets people who ask if she's American. So we´ve had some good laughs. But I'm really happy working with her. She´s a great missionary and we have the same hopes and goals for this area. We´re enjoying the time together.

I think I've already talked about it, but our mission is reading the Book of Mormon together, so we have the same chapters to read every day together. Today it was Mosiah 3-6 which is one part that I really like. But I'm out of time, so I'll let you all read it and think about what I might have liked. haha but seriously, out of time, love you all!

PS- in the time I've written the sun disappeared and rain fell : )

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