Monday, February 25, 2013

Congratulations for Karlie and her mission call!!! That is so exciting!

We had a conference call with our mission President this week and he announced who was going to be our new mission President (He´s from São Paulo) and talked a little about the new missions that will open here in Brasil.  So it's been really exciting to see and to hear about the new changes in the world.  It's truly an amazing work.  It is so great to see and to hear how the work is progressing and to see how every person really will have the opportunity to hear about the restored Gospel of Christ.

This was another good week here.  We had a really neat lesson with one of our investigators and her family.  Her husband is a member who recently started coming to church again.  So we´ve been working with her and teaching her.  We had a lesson this week about families and how the gospel blesses families.  That it is only through the temples that we can have our families for eternity.  It was a really neat experience.  And she said the closing prayer at the end of the lesson, and it was her first time that she really said a prayer.  She always got super flustered, etc.  So it was really neat to see how she´s progressed.  We also have a family we found this past week and we read a little of the Family Proclamation to the World, and it was a really neat experience.  There´s a reason why Family´s progress together and the Spirit can be so strong when you teach families.  Because the gospel teaches about the strength and importance of family.  I said the other day, it's because of family that leaving for a mission is hard, but it's because of the importance of family that helps you leave too.  The desire to help other families have the same blessings through the Gospel.  Our families really can be more united and have more happiness when we live and teach the Gospel in our home.

We have agency to choose how we want to believe and act during our time here on the Earth.  So we choose our blessings or our consequences.  It's always our choice.  It's definitely one thing we´ve seen this week too.  Is how we sometimes don´t want to do the right things because it appears difficult, etc.  Part of faith is knowing that our Heavenly Father knows what will bring us true happiness and when we live and practice the gospel, even if we´re just beginning or trying, we will be blessed.

But love you all, hope you have a great week!

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