Monday, July 16, 2012

Greetings from Londrina!!
My first area is a zone called Riviera. It is located right outside of Londrina. Driving into Londrina on the bus I can~t tell the difference of when Cambe ends and Londrina starts. My companion is Sister Empey from Washington. With us we also have Sister Neves who is from São Paulo. She leaves tomorrow though. So then it will just be Sister Empey and myself (It was nice being in a trio for the first week, especialy since that is what i had in the ctm). We live in a house with two other Sisters (S Moura and S Marques). Having an American as a companion is nice, but it reality we hardly ever speak English. We always talk in Portuguese. If I don~t understand, which happens often. Someone will repeat in Portuguese. Sometimes I get it after a time or two. Or sometimes she says she´ll explain later, but we both forget later. So, if something is REALLY important she~ll explain in English or a word here or there if she can´t explain. But my companions and house mates are amazing. They are all so pacient with me and Im learning lots. There are times, lots of times where I have no idea whats going on. The times when I understand the most, are about the Gospel. Which makes sense, because thats basically what we learned in the CTM the last 9 weeks. Sometimes its really funny when I dont understand and other times its confusing anfd hard.
For Example... On my second day here we had a BAPTISM!! and we were looking for scissors in two different cabinets for at least 5 minutes before we communicated in Portuguese that that is what we were looking for. Which I had a pair of scissors in my backpack the whole time. So the Baptism, was amazing. Kelvin, is 10 years old and he got baptized a few days ago. His mom is a member, but doesn´t attend church. So I was able to help teach parts of a few lessons before his baptism. Normally when we are teaching I can understand and follow just about everything we are teaching. Its harder to talk, because im trying to conjugate and use different tenses. But its coming.

On Sunday I attended my first all Portuguese church (The ctm it was English). I loved being in a family ward for the first time in ages. I had gone to sacrament meeting with 3rd ward a few times, but I really felt immersed in the family ward. I loved seeing and remembering how the Gospel blesses all people. i was able to meet a lot of members and they are all so nice. The people here in Cambe, are so patient and friendly. They all try to help me understand and help me learn. Which actually nomrally makes it harder because there are 4 or 5 people speaking in Portuguese to me. So its rather amussing and I find it rather entertaining.
I don´t have much time left, but I love you all and am loving it here. It is an amazing experience to watch people grow and learn in the Gospel. This is truly Gods work. I pray for our investigators, I feel their sorrow and joy. I can feel a little of the love God has for these people, and all people. I know how much this Gospel can bless the lives of these people, and it drives me to learn Portuguese.
Oh yeah- PS - there~s something really funny about my last name here that I haven´t quite figured out yet. Something about how its reallly close to their word bully or something.
Love you all!!

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