Monday, August 20, 2012

I am experiencing my first transfer! We heard it from a very reliable source that Sister Empey will be transfered and I will stay in our area. So if things go this way, I will most likely be receiving a new companion tomorrow. Sister Empey has been having lots of problems with her back the last few months and this week we have been receiving lots of phone calls from Sister Tavares who helps with all the medical issues. The area that we are in right now has lots of hills, if your moving, normally you're walking either up or down a hill. So its likely she will be transfered to an area a little bit geographically nicer to her body.
This week we spent an interesting day in Londrina. Normally we visit Londrina 2 times a week for physical therapy. One of these days we went in at 8:30 am and were in Londrina with Sister Tavares until 7pm. We went to 2 different doctors and waited in the mission office for a while, had lunch with Pres and Sister Tavares (and their son) and did shopping with Sister Tavares for tennis shoes and some other things for Sister Empey. I told Sister Tavares it was like Christmas. It was really fun to be with her. But I was ready to return and get back to work. Her new doctor recommended acupuncture and it was hilarious, because neither of us really knew what was going on as we were waiting in the doctors office until he started getting the needles or pins ready. This week was definitely a little different than normal. We also had a day we needed to stay inside the house for Sister Empey. So I studied and did some practices, and we were able to go out to teach one of our commitments. But it has been a week of re-emphasising how much I want to work and why we are here. But it has also been a week of learning about faith and dedication. Sister Empey has been such an example of faith and courage for me. She has been having problems and pain with her back for about 3 months now. But she has such a dedication for this work. She knows what her calling is and she wants to fulfill it. She has been an example to me.
This Sunday (every 3rd Sunday) is about missionary work for our ward. One of the really cool things that we did was we sang a hymn (and I can´t remember the name, only the tune, so I'll have to include the title later in my letter) but the four of us missionaries and all the others in our ward who have served a mission sang with us with their plaquetas. It was really cool and such a strong spirit. I know that this work is the work of God and that we have such a strong purpose. Not only missionaries, but everyone.
This morning I finished reading ´Our Heritage´ about the brief history of the growth of our church. I have really enjoyed reading it in spare time which this week a little bit has been during our doctor appointments. But I really liked a quote at the end of the book ´Whether we are new members or old, we inherit a legacy of faith and sacrifice from those who have gone before us.´ I really liked this quote, because it is so true. I can think of several people in my life and this history who have sacficed so much for this gospel. We have the restored Gospel and what a blessing it is!
Love you all!
Read part of your email and saw your question about pictures, so thought I'd respond- if people want prints would be cool, but printing from the computer is good too!

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