Monday, August 27, 2012


I´m officially the only American within at least a few miles that I know about. My new companion/trainadora is sister P. from São Paulo. We are still in the same area. Sister M. and Sister M. are still here as well. Sister Empey was transferred to Londrina.  But since sister G. and sister Empey were transferred, we only have 4 sisters in our house now. We also had our first district meeting this week (first after transfers) and I’m the only American, so I truly feel really really immersed in Brazil and everything now. My Portuguese is going. I’m learning all the time and it’s been really good. I am trying to have faith and not be afraid and with this faith I can see how I’m growing and learning. I’m getting mistaked more for a Brazilian now. But I think that has less to do with my Portuguese and more to do with Sister Passos. Because with Sister Empey it was normally pretty apparent, that since there were two white sisters, light hair, and light eyes we were American. But now with sister P. People don’t always know right away. Normally when I’m talking it helps people figure out :)

But it’s been really good. Since sister P. is new to the area it’s been challenging starting over. Sister Empey was here for several months and really knew everything. I have 6 weeks here, but because of the language, I’m still trying to remember and everything. But this has pushed me to talk more and be more involved in introduction, etc so it’s been good and fun learning together.

Before I get too far I´ll give mom a few details before I forget. Between letters to friends and family, the mission president, my journal, and everything I forget who I write what and what I’ve said. But sister P. is from São Paulo, she has 3 brothers and 3 sisters all who are older than her. She has 7 months in the mission and I am her first American Companion. It’s fun learning and studying the language everyday. They have a strong desire to learn English and it’s just as much language study for me as it is for them when they are studying English. Because I need to explain and define things in Portuguese. Normally we study with the Book of Mormon. So I explain they will only see ´thus´and other words like this in scriptures but it’s been good.

One of our investigators is really progressing and I pray for her all the time. Literally, missionary both pray and have lots of love for the people they teach. She was there for 45 minutes of sacrament meeting. She would have stayed longer, but she had back pain that was really bad. But teaching her, especially this week has been really good. Especially how we can use Christ as our strength and trust in him. And pray to God for help and when we have this desire and faith we can receive these blessings.

This week I also had my first visit with a woman who attends another church here. Her heart was open in the fact that she talked and visited with us, because she said their pastor says they shouldn´t talk with people of other faiths. It was interesting talking to her but sad. Because when people don´t believe in their church 100% I don´t understand completely. I believe in this gospel with all of my being, that is why I am trying to share this gospel with others. Because I know it is true, that it blesses families, and that it brings the greatest happiness in life.

But it has been a great week, challenging, but really good. love you all!

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