Monday, November 12, 2012

This was another amazing week in Riviera. We had stake conference yesterday, for our stake Tiradentes. It was really neat to see our whole stake together and to feel the Spirit of all the members when we gather. For the first little bit a couple returned missionaries and one who is preparing to leave bore their testimonies. It was really neat to hear their testimonies. Here, mission calls go to the Stake President, who passes them on to the awaiting missionaries. The young man, who was waiting for his mission call, had his presented to him after he bore his testimony, it was really neat to see the reaction and the emotion for him. He has been waiting for months (he´s a friend of a family in our ward) so we´ve only talked with him once, but it will be interesting to see where he goes.

This week we had a couple of really special lessons with members. In both situations they were families where not all of them are members and they have different needs. But our members have stronger testimonies and a bigger impact than they think. The Holy Spirit will truly help those who try to share their testimonies for this work. Both members talked about experiences and things that they needed to hear about. They were really good experiences to see how much this work can progress and be blessed when we work with our members.

Today we received our emails for transfers- and I will be transfered Wednesday to Ibiporã to work with Sister Gomes (she lived in our house and was companions with Sister Passos my first transfer). It will be neat to learn how to work in a new area and with a new companion. But it will be strange to leave Riviera. There are so many members and people here that are so special and dear. We have a couple of new and amazing people and families that will be hard to leave. But I have faith and know there are people prepared for us in all of the areas we will serve in.

But love you all and hope you have an amazing week!
Sister Laura Bullen

A note for Paula - we only have a selected list of approved films (I think 6) that we can watch. So unfortunately I dont think I can watch home videos of Hannah. But we will have a very special night when I come home and we can watch them all :)
But I really appreciate the thought

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