Monday, November 5, 2012

Another amazing week. This week we met a woman and her three children who are amazing. Our first visit was Sunday (yesterday) so we don´t know them very well yet, but they were very enthused and interested. It was a really good lesson we had introducing our message and how this Gospel blesses families. She talked about how she wants to be more patient and have more peace in the home. Its so important to talk to people, to know what their desires are for life and for family. Because the Gospel teaches us how we can develop and improve these things in our life.

This week we also had a family night with a newly baptized member. It was a neat experience and a good demonstration of fhe. We know the family and the home is where we can learn and grow together and have the most happiness. But because of the great blessings we can receive we have a great responsibility in our roles to help and work towards these goals. Francisco, who was baptized a few weeks ago and is 12 shared a scripture about baptism and how it was such a good experience for him. His grandma planned a game/activity afterwards that was simple but fun and uniting. This is the point of family night, it doesn´t have to be big, it rarely is perfect, but it can be so spiritual and an opportunity to strengthen the family.

This week we had a visit with one family that we contacted while looking for a reference we had received. We encountered the family and they invited us in to talk, but they had a tons of family over. But they wanted to hear our message so we invited anyone who wanted to hear, to listen. So we talked with about 12 people about the gospel of Christ and the purpose of the Book of Mormon. They ended up not being interested, but it reemphasized for us the importance of inviting. Sometimes we might hesitate to invite people, especially when there´s lots of people. But we could walk away knowing we had tried, that we had invited and tried to help these people know the importance of our message.

I gave S. Moura and S. Passos each a recommend holder for their birthdays. They loved them! They only have recommend holders here with the picture of São Paulo temple. S. Passos left her´s on her desk all week so she could see the picture. Really, it was great. It was fun and really neat to let them choose and they loved it.

Love you all and hope you have a great week!

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