Friday, November 23, 2012

We received a letter from Laura:

Dear Mom and Dad, and family,

"Before I forget (I already forgot to add in the email).  Sister M. was so excited that you said you would send her a letter.  It was really cute.  I think it is hard for her, she doesn't let it distract her, but she doesn't get very much email or anything from her family.  When I got my birthday card from you (which if I haven't said already - I loved it.  Thanks, Mom.  .....  But to say the least, she was touched and is excited."

I let Laura know I am one of the Mom's who follow some of the blogs from Missionaries in her Mission Field.  She has been surprised to learn that there are Facebook Accounts for Mom's of Missionaries in the various Missions in Brazil.  Her response to learning I have been reading several blogs is as follows:

"HA my mouth dropped when I read you were following so many blogs.  That's funny.  E Leete and his companion are our Zone Leaders.  And S. Empey, you know I know.  But the other Elders I don't know, but the Sisters who've been here longer recognize/know the names."

The following are also answers to my questions.

"Bedding I have covered.  I've used my blanket (and we received another when we arrived), several times actually.  I have an umbrella.  My shoes are still good.  But I think I mentioned that sandals might be cool to have."  (Do any of you know where I can order sandals and what brand would have good support - I know Jennifer Empey mentioned some when I visited her, but I don't remember what she suggested.)  "I've used my raincoat a few times but yes, sometimes it's too muggy to really want to wear it."

"I had a great birthday, the Sisters have helped me celebrate it and F. (the last baptism we had) we were teaching him and his Grandma and Aunt (she's 16) who are members.  We left and (his Aunt) D. chased us down the street to give me a stuffed parrot (not too big) for my birthday.  She said he's had a special place in her heart for several years and his name is Bores.  It was very sweet.  I think it's funny you all had dinner together for my birthday.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  :) "

"That's funny that Hannah likes to turn the computer off.  She is growing so much!"

"My health is good.  I had sometimes where my back hurt a little w/Sister Empey.  But really, I'm having good health and doing good.  I haven't received the package yet, but maybe I will tomorrow because we have interviews with the President in Londrina."

"I really liked the article I'm sending with this letter because of the tips it gives for writing personal histories.  This is what (I think I've mentioned).  I'd love for you and Dad to write some of throughout my mission and to keep at home for me.  Dad can write about racing cars!  Anything, but this is something I will truly treasure."  She gave Floyd and I journals quite a while before she left on her mission and asked us to write about our lives in them.  Obviously she sees a need to remind us of this.


During lunch their member gave them some little bottles of shampoo and toothpaste.  A silly/fun moment.

Ready to leave for Mission Tour with Elder Godoy (of the Seventy).

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