Monday, March 4, 2013

But this week was really good.  One experience that was interesting this week, we made a contact with one woman one didn´t believe in free agency.  That we can make choices and decide what we want to believe, etc...  It was interesting, but really it was sad.  I don´t understand how someone could live thinking they can´t decide how they want to live.  That´s our purpose here, using our agency to decide what we want to believe, and to practice our faith as we make choices.

Yesterday in Relief Society in church one of the Sisters in the ward talked about visiting teaching and the importance of it. She talked about how we have the commandment to love one another and how we believe in modern revelation.  If we believe in these things then we understand that visiting teaching is an important commandment.

It was a great week, but out of time, hope you all have a great week!!

love you!

PS- mom i havent received the pck yet, but im sure its arrived in the mission office. but we are about 3 hours away and dont get mail tooo often. but should be this week :)

I received a package from Laura Saturday and found the photos below.

This is in Maringa.  She hasn't actually seen a can open in Brazil yet.  But they hardly
ever need them.  She has a can of peaches they received in their basket of Christmas food
from their Ward.  Most of the people in their Ward were travelling during Christmas and
packed them a lovely basket of food.  They have just finished planning at the end of the day and the cute sweat marks are from her backpack.

Christmas in Maringa

Maringa.  Sister Bullen and Sister R.  All of the buildings (and much you can't see) is part of their area.  Their apartment is cut out of the photo, but is behind the grey apartment building on the far left on the border of the photo.

Sister R. and Sister Bullen in Maringa.

Maringa.  Walking to church they walk along a huge park/reserve where monkeys live.

Ibipora.  The house of family O.  If I understand correctly, their Branch President and wife are also in the photo with the O. family and Sisters Gee and Gomez as well as Sister Bullen.

Postcard of Maringa.  Some of the center of the city - this is part of their area, but they never work here because missionaries don't have much success with apartments.  They pretty often have lunch with members here, because a large part of their ward members live in apartments.

Ibipora.  I am in need of better learning how to scan.

Obviously I should have scanned this one differently.  Again Sister R. and Sister Bullen

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