Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

I copied the following from one of the Elder's blogs, it explains a bit about the Sisters being leaders:

This last week, on Monday, we went to Londrina for the leader’s council.  And that was really good.  There are sister leaders now in all the missions in the world.  Its kind of like they made a Relief Society in side the mission because…the district leader and the zone leader are still supposed to be leading the sisters, but within the sisters, there are one or two designated to do divisions and stuff.  So, that’s pretty interesting I guess.  So, there are six sisters in our mission that are called to go to all the leaders councils now.  Pretty interesting.   That was on Tuesday, we came back on Wednesday.  And, on Wednesday I went to Toupao.  That’s that city that is part of our zone, which is about two hours away.  Because after we to to each leaders council, we have to give our training thing.   So, I went there to give it, and I went with another Elder in division.  So, I stayed there, I gave a training, then we came home. 

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