Monday, May 6, 2013

To: Mom

Thank you soo much for the package.  I loved it!  The shoe fits great and can´t wait to get the other to wear them!  Thank you for the love and support!  You´re an amazing Mom and i love you!!!  I hope you have an amazing Mother´s Day this Sunday!!  I can´t wait to talk to you.  It's sad that Dad can´t be there too. It's strange that this will be the last time I talk to you until I come home.  I can't believe I have almost a year in the mission.

This week was really good.  Our trip to Londrina was really good.  We arrived in Londrina/Ibipor√£ late Monday (well late as in 8 pm) and left early Wednesday morning.  Tuesday was spent almost the entire day in a meeting.  President and Sister Tavares took pictures of us at the meeting that hopefully you will see soon if you haven´t yet.  It was also the birthday of Sister Tavares the same day, so it was really special to get to do a little something with them on her birthday.  I am so grateful for them and the sacrifices and love that they give to all of us.  I imagine it's a lot of stress sometimes taking care of 180 young missionaries.  But it's really neat to see how they care for us.  For example, this week we have had an Elder in the mission who has been suffering with some serious issues with his heart.  President is often times running to or from the hospital to see how he is doing.  Sister Tavares even filmed a short clip on her cell phone of us at the meeting to take to him to share.  It's the small things that mean all the difference.  I am so grateful to the Lord for the health and the blessings that I receive.  I am so grateful for this chance to serve and to get this opportunity to be a missionary. 

It was really neat to hear a talk that President Tavares gave for us in the training that talked about how the mission and the work can progress and grow so much more with the help of us sisters.  How this change is supported and is connected to all the aspects of the Gospel and the mission.  For example he talked about how the changes in the lessons/programs for the youth are preparing youth earlier to be prepared to serve missions.  Which is connected to how they can leave earlier now.  We also have a 12 week training program in the mission that is designed to help missionaries be prepared to train earlier.  And with more and more missionaries arriving, all of these are united to helping this work progress.  And now that we have sister leaders, we can help all of the sisters progress and be motivated together.  It's been so exciting to see how this work is growing and the changes that are happening.  Normally 1-3 sisters arrived each transfer, sometimes 4.  But in this next transfer 10 (TEN!!) sisters will be arriving.  We only have 26 sisters in the mission right now and 4 will be leaving at the end of this transfer.  So its really exciting to see how marvelous this work is. 

I'm reminded each week how important Sunday is for us and the importance of going to church.  We have a special day to remember and honor our Moms.  Imagine the sacrifice our Savior made for us.  We have 1 day every week to honor and remember the sacrifice he made for us.  To go to church and to gain the blessings.  What better thing could we do with our time?  I am so grateful for the Gospel and the blessings that we receive from the restored Gospel.  I am grateful for the love Heavenly Father has for me, and for all of his children.  I am grateful for my Mom and the sacrifices she has made in raising all of her children to know the Gospel truths (Dad too, but as it's Mothers Day.. :)  )  I'm grateful for my sisters (and their families) who are mothers too.  For the examples they are and love they share.  Happy Mothers Day!!

Love you soo much!

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  1. Very sweet letter! I'm going to share a portion with Tanner. Her perspective on the sisters is wonderful and so different than what I'm use to reading!