Monday, June 10, 2013

Mom, here is a photo of our last mission leadership counsel. Enjoy! Love you!! 

To: Mom
Thatś really sad about Bob Weaver. I'll definitely keep Roberta and the family in my prayers. Makes me so grateful to know to that I have a testimony of eternal families. 

This past week was really good, but it flew by. This Saturday we had the Baptism of Marcia. It was great and really neat.  She has fear of water and it was really neat to see how her desire to be baptized and her trust in the Lord helped her overcome this fear.  It has been so neat teaching her and seeing her make changes in her life.  The best thing in the mission is definitely being able to see people stay firm and steadfast in the Gospel. To see how people can accept and be blessed through the atonement of Christ.  I know that the first covenant we make with God is baptism that is the first step to enter into the Kingdom of God.  That our families can be together forever through the power of God when we follow the example of Christ.  I know that God blesses us when we put all of our confidence in him and his power.  I know that we are blessed for living the commandments of God. That we can have happiness and peace through the Gospel. 

This week we also went to Londrina for our meeting.  It was so neat and really special to feel the spirit that was there.  President Tavares always asks the missionaries who will be leaving at the end of the transfer to bear their testimonies.  This time it included Pres and Sister Tavares too.  As our new president will be arriving in the beginning of July.  It was sad, but really special to hear their testimonies.  I'm so grateful for everything that they have taught me and the love I feel from and for them.  I'm grateful for the sacrifices and love they have for this Gospel and for this work. 

This week was really short with travelling, but is was a great week and I'm excited to work better in our area here. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

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  1. Okay I almost cried when I read about the Tavares! So sad they're leaving! She's in a powerhouse zone with Peterson and Bennett, AND your daughter! Good for her!