Monday, June 24, 2013

To: Mom
I tried to send you a foto, but since we use computers in a library - it's free! but has limited options.  But I'm sending out some letters today with photos :)

Winter has arrived.  Campo Mourão is definitely colder than other parts.  Maringá is only 2 hours or so away, but when we go there for our district meeting we leave the bus and it's a lot hotter.  We've been getting a lot of wind and rain.  But it's been fun and makes us more grateful for the hot weather when it arrives. 

Yesterday we got to watch the broadcast from Provo about missionary work. I loved it and it was really done well.  I'm so grateful for a living prophet and apostles.  I know that missionary work moves so much faster and is so much more affective when members participate.  Right now we are teaching Flavio who is a friend and co-worker of our branch mission leader.  It's so amazing to see how the Gospel helps us make changes in our lives.  That because of the atonement we can become better, we can receive strength from God.  Having faith is knowing that the impossible becomes possible with the power of God. 

It's been so great to continue to see the growth of Marcia who was baptized a few weeks ago.  She continues to radiate joy and has opened up so much.  Thereś nothing better to bring joy to your heart than to see those you love and care for living the gospel.  One of the things that was really great this week was a lesson we had with the Grandma of one of the young adults here.  She's a great woman, but doesn't have much desire to go to church.  It was a powerful visit and so neat to hear the testimony of the granddaughter. How much she wants to help her Grandma gain a testimony because of the blessings that come from this.  It's truly the sweetest fruit. 

This week our new President and his family will be arriving in the mission, President Genaro.  It will be sad to see Pres & S. Tavares go, but they have served their all.  I know that we will love and be blessed with our new President.  If we get tired after 18 months - 2 years, imagine 3 years.  I'm so grateful for their service and love.  I know that this church is true.  That God is our Heavenly Father and he loves us.  I know that Christ atoned for our sins, that through his sacrifice we can repent and receive all of the ordinances of the Gospel.  I know that people can always change.  That the things most difficult is trying to be more like our Savior. 

Have a great week!!!  Love you all!

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