Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 1, 2013 from Sister Laura Bullen

To: Mom
This week was crazy!  We had planned on going on splits with the sisters in Cascavel for two days (one day to work with each sister of 2 companionships) but when we were on the bus going to Cascavel the elders from the mission office called to say that I would have to go to Londrina to renew my visa.  So we only worked in Cascavel for 1 day and went to Londrina after and then finally returned to Campo Mourão Friday.  Friday night we had the baptism of F.  It was amazing and so great.  He has made so many changes in his life and is so much happier.  It's been so neat to see his faith grow and the desire he has to share the gospel with his family.  His parents and daughters went to his baptism and it was really neat to get to know them a little and it made the occasion even more special for him. 

A few answers to your questions - Sister Butler has more time then Sister Santos - Sister Butler is finishing the training of S. Santos.  S. Santos is from the Northern part of Brasil.  Our apartment is in the center of the city really close to everything (it's nice to have a p-day when your closer - in Maringá it was about an hour to arrive and return from using the internet).  It was warmer here this week and one day it was so beautiful and really hot, we got some sun that we really enjoyed. 

We officially have a new Mission President and tomorrow in our meeting in Londrina we will get to know him and Sister Genaro.  We're excited to get to know them. 

Time's already up- I had some problems with the computer entering in our report and it was really slow. But there will be some letters coming your way :)   I mailed one last week home and had one for Susanna too (but I forgot to write the address) so it didn't get sent yet. 

Sounds like soon you'll all be heading down to Washington, I hope you all have a really great time there. 

I love you all!!

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  1. Sigh. I just love hearing from all these wonderful missionaries!