Monday, July 29, 2013

To: shauna bullen
The two skirts sound really pretty, I trust your judgement.  White would be fancy and fun, but maybe harder to keep clean (but if you think its prettier, I'd definitely use it).  But, I like both colors, so send what you think would be prettier. I always like what you send me :) 

You mentioned that maybe I know what date I return home.  But nope, haven't heard anything yet.  I THINK i'll be returning home around the 13 of November or so.  But no one has called me, and I haven't had the desire to call and ask. haha but trust me, youĺl be the first to know (well when i use the computer Monday after i hear)  

But this week was really good.  We went on splits with the sisters of Cascavel and the week always seems to fly by even faster then usual because of the travel and running to catch up after. 

This week we caught some pretty cold weather.  It reached about 34 degrees or so here,  and probably a little bit colder in Cascavel.  Ha i feel for the 4 sisters that are serving there.  They're all from the North of Brasil (Manaus, Recife, & Bahia) so theyŕe suffering a little bit.  Haha but i had to laugh a little bit.  The apartment there has 2 bedrooms and they have 2 electric heaters.  So they crank up the heat and the energy doesn't support it so the circuit breaker goes off after about 10 minutes so they normally pass the whole night without, but they know if they turned down the heat to low it would support it. ha But they're amazing sisters and we had some neat experiences together. 

This week we were really overwhelmed by the sisters in our branch, who love us and are taking good care of us. haha they had an activity Saturday and sent us about 3 bags of food - hot dogs, breads, etc. Then Sunday we received a ton more (homemade bread, milk, cookies/crackers, chocolate for milk, leftovers from lunch, etc.) haha our fridge is jampacked :)

But it really is a great area.  The help most appreciated from members is always the trust they put in us when they trust us to teach or try to contact their friends or people they know. When they teach with us and our investigators are blessed with their testimonies. 

We had a couple of experiences this week that showed one more time how the Gospel truly brings happiness into our lives.  I know that true happiness comes from living the Gospel in our lives and obeying the commandments of God.  When we go to church and live the counsel from the scriptures and the prophet, our lives are blessed.  I know that we are happier when we do so. 

We had a really good lesson yesterday in church on working and responsibility.  Which was really good.  I love how much of a difference our attitude makes when we decide to be happy.  The gospel is moved forward by those who are willing and ready to work. 

Happy Pioneers day!  happy birthday Paula and Kayla and Erik too!!  (I think i said happy birthday to Sariah in the last email) but I hope you're all doing great and having fun. 

love you all!

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  1. Are you just dying that she doesn't even care to ask when she's coming home? Hello? Nothing wrong with finishing strong but communicating is good!