Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To: Mom

Transfers have arrived.  And I'm being transfered... to Maringá. ha  Where I already passed 4 transfers.  I'm excited to return, but I´ll really miss Campo Mourão - its a great area.  I´ll be companions with Sister de Moura who I know a little bit, but only from our monthly meetings. 

This week we started teaching S. - who is the mom of one of the brothers in our branch.  She´s 68 and has diabetes, so her sight is kind of bad and she stays in a wheelchair most of the time.  She moved this past week  and is now living with her son and his wife.  She is amazing.  She marked her baptismal date for this Sunday the 25.  I'm really sad I won´t be here to see it.  But I know the most important thing is that she has received an answer and that she will receive the greatest blessings through this choice.  That now, she will be able to be with her family forever.  She´s so sweet and I really enjoyed getting to know her and see her progress. 

This week I also really had some neat experiences with the other sisters here.  They have been accompanying a family who was baptized yesterday.  We went on divisions with them several times to help and to teach her.  I was able to go on splits with Sister Butler on the morning we were able to mark her baptismal date firm and get her signature for her 2 children to be baptized too.  We had a really great lesson and the Spirit was really strong.  She baptized yesterday in really cold water (the water heater wasn't working..) but it was really neat.  :)

This week we also had a few little moments to see how sometimes someone does a little act of service for another person and they think it doesn´t matter, but it really makes a big difference.  For example, the day I went on splits with Sister Butler - Sister Hartvigsen was sick in house with Sister Huinao.  So it was just us two at lunch.  When we had left we didn´t think it was too cold...  So at lunch the sister let us borrow sweatshirts.  And she was right - we passed some pretty cold weather that afternoon/evening.  But it was really sweet and I'm grateful for the people who do small acts of service - they make a difference!

But this week was really good. Hope you all had a great one too. Love you!

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  1. It will be fun to read about her growth in her new area with her new companion! All positive I'm positive!