Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A few notes from several letters received from Sister Bullen today:

Sisters Huinao and Bullen were talking to a person who was having a really hard time with some problems in his/her life.  A great person who has really made changes in life.  Like Preach My Gospel teaches, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost doesn't get rid of temptations.  It reminds me of Alma 36 where Alma the Younger talks about his conversion.  We all make mistakes, we all sin.  These sins create feelings of guilt and shame that can only be fixed or redeemed through repentance and forgiveness.  Our sins and short comings can be completely washed away through the Atonement of Christ.  But we have to be humble, demonstrate our faith and trust in God.  Our Savior always knows how we are feeling and what we have passed through.  Because he suffered through lower than us all.

I know that Christ lives.  That He is my Redeemer.  I know that our families can be together forever.  I know that peace and joy come from living the Gospel.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true.  I know that God hears my prayers.  I know that people - our friends, neighbors - need us to share our testimonies with them.  That the Gospel and the ordinances are the only way to gain salvation.

You already know by my email that this week was a little harder for me physically.  After the blessing I really was healed and we worked hard the following days.  Sunday I spent a little time in the house because my head was splitting, but I've gotten better.  I'm doing great now.  Nothing makes you miss Mom more than to be sick.  :(

It's freezing outside!  It's about 40 degrees and we get all bundled up to walk outside.

Today I'm planning to go with Sister Huinao to get our hair cut.  I've been wanting to trim my hair for ages.  But when you only have Monday to do so and so many other good things to do too...  So we'll see if we succeed in our plan.

Ha!  I laughed that you said Elders try to dry socks in the microwave.   From what I've seen of other Sisters, we're a little bit smarter, but more dangerous.  I've NEVER done it, but seen other Sisters leave clothes on the back part of the fridge where heat leaves.  Or here in Campo Mourao it's cold enough that we have an electric heater (that doesn't work too well) that Sisters leave clothes on too.  (They also don't see problems with leaving them plugged in when we leave the house for a quick errand.  But I do my part to protest (haha "my Dad taught me better") but it hasn't been a problem much.

Sister Huinao and I had a good week and I have been having a lot of fun and working really hard.  We think, talk, laugh, cry and invite people for baptism.  So it's going good for us.  We're in the search for people who are prepared and waiting for our message.

We had some neat experiences this week, making contacts in the streets with people and testifying of the truthfulness of the Gospel.  I respect people when they don't have interest or don't want anything.  But I'm going to do my part to clearly testify.  Because I know it's the only way to gain salvation.  Like Nephi said, "I have spoken plainly that ye cannot err"  (2 Nephi 25:20).  I know the Book of Mormon is true and that it has the Plan of Salvation.  It blesses us with the Spirit and the forces that we need.

I love you,

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