Monday, September 3, 2012

Mom Happy Birthday for this Saturday!!

I attached a couple of photos for you all. The one with the group is the 6 of us that were all living in our house before transfers. There are two of a house across the street from us with a dog. This always cracks me up, and I thought at least Dad would find it amusing. This tiny little dog is always hanging over the ledge watching the street. A good guard dog. The other is of us Sunday picking some berries from a tree, they were kind of like raspberries, very good, and I think they were called amora.

This week was really really good and we met an awesome family that we are teaching. We contacted R. on the street in front of his house and he and his wife M. have four daughters. We had our first visit and talked about the Family Proclamation. It was a really good visit and they went to church with us on Sunday. They have been perceptive so far and I am really excited for them. Families are central to our gospel and our plan here on Earth and it is so special when you get to teach a family that is united like this one. I know this family can be blessed so much by this Gospel and the blessings it brings.

We also had a family night that was really special and fun with a family that is a little less active. They had invited a neighbor and and the boyfriend of her daughter, so we had a good lesson and then a fun game that I thought I would pass on. So you can all use it tonight for fhe :) You need candy that´s individually wrapped and a dice. Going in a circle, the first person to roll a 6 gets to start opening the candy using a fork and knife and (of course!) gets to eat the candy and continue trying to open the candy with the fork and knife until the next person rolls a 6 and they get to take over. So when a person rolls a 6 and starts to try to open the candy people in the circle are still trying to roll a 6. The next person to roll a 6 takes over where the last person left off. We didn´t have anyone too young with us and it was fun as all mostly adults, but I'm sure kids would love this.

I´ve been thinking a lot about faith this week. I was reading in the book Jesus the Christ about Christ teaching about how we need to have the faith of children. How they are accepting and believing. Children are so innocent and can have such beautiful testimonies. You don´t have to have a perfect understanding, you just have to start believing. This faith is developed as you try to live and make commitments to follow Christ. Like all things in life you can´t start understanding a principle until you try it. You can´t cook until after you start trying a few recipes. You don´t start out like a master chef either. Its the same principle with faith. You have to start with a desire to follow Christ and through going to church and doing the things Christ wants us to do we develop and strengthen our testimonies.

It´s been a really good week though. Sister Passos has been really great to work with, and it's challenging at times but its been great. She is patient and full of a desire to serve these people here and to spread this Gospel.

Love you all!

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