Thursday, March 7, 2013

 Our children, Paula, Erik, Brian, Susanna and Laura (summer/fall 2011)

Below is Kevin and Susanna with Kayla and Sariah.  (summer/fall 2011)
I received 3 letters from Laura today.  Yippee!! 

4  February 2013

Dear Mom, Dad & Family,

I can't believe how fast time has gone.  I'll celebrate the 9 month mark this week!  If I haven't said it enough or often enough - I'm so happy here in the mission.  I'm healthy and have been blessed so much.  I'm grateful for a family that loves me and that my Mom is so good at keeping me updated and showing love for me.  Hopefully I show that I love all of you too!

I know Mom was pretty worried about me having back problems...  But I'm doing really good.  Like all missionaries, especially in a walking mission, some days we're tired or are sore, etc.  But I've truly been blessed.  ha.  I have my fair share of mosquito bites, I think mosquitos are racist - Sister R. never has mosquito bites.  But seriously, this is about the roughest it gets.  :)

You asked if I need makeup products.  I don't think so, we sweat so much and have to use sunblock - mascara is the only thing I use.  But I'm excited to use the packages you keep describing - keeps me antsy! :) 

P-day is almost over, but the mission is going great.  Sister R. and I are so happy to start a new transfer together, to continue learning and doing this work here.  Our mission is doing really good.  The last two weeks our mission baptized 94 people.  It was way higher than normal for us.  But we're seeing blessings from obedience in all things.

Love you all,

Sister Laura Bullen

Floyd and I with our family.
Laura in the front, Kevin holding Sariah and Susanna holding Kayla, then Jay and Paula, behind them Erik and Brian and then myself an Floyd.  (summer/fall 2011)
Paula and Jay (Hannah was born in November 2011).
(summer/fall 2011)

Myself, Laura, Susanna and Paula.
(summer/fall 2011)
Erik, Brian and Floyd.  (summer/fall 2011)

11 February 2013

Dear Mom, Dad & Family,

Mom I received your package you and Susanna put together.  It was great  I loved it!  haha you know your Mom's popular when you receive a package and everyone else is as excited as you are!  ha I received my package during our district meeting.  That day we had lunch with our members with 2 extra sisters (their area is about 2 hours away) they just opened a new area and didn't have lunch.  So we had 6 sisters for lunch.  It was a full house!  Thank you so much for everything.  I'm enjoying the chocolate orange as I write this letter for you. :)

It's always fun to hear how the girls (Laura's nieces) are growing when I read that Kayla was a chatterbox when you were reading to her, I had to re-read it, because in my head I was thinking Sariah. 

That's crazy about Paula and Jay's renter, hope everything works out.

Yesterday, Sister R. and I contacted one family that was very sweet.  We were contacting names from our Area Book.  _____ let us into his house in the middle of a family/friends get-to-gether.  Normally, people are a little annoyed or use it as an excuse when they have company over (and really it's a pretty good reason).  But they invited us in and gave us water, chairs and ice cream.  ha We were both pretty amazed.  They are Catholic and we probably won't return because they don't have interest, but I love the culture here.  We've had our share of people not interested or who avoid us, but it's also very humbling to receive or see the charity and love that people give us.

I can't believe I celebrated 9 months this week!  I know that the Lord has a purpose for each and every one of us.  Our Heavenly Father loves us and knows us individually.  I know this Church is true, that it is the Church of Jesus Christ.  I know that we have a Prophet of God, that temples are the house of God and families can be together forever.  I am so grateful for my family.  I'm so grateful for the things I'm learning and the opportunity to work here.

Love you all,

Sister Laura Bullen

11 February 2013


So I already wrote today, before we left the house for internet, but we only have a little more of P-day and I'm not really doing anything.  So I thought I'd write a quick note for you.

I loved your email today. The quotes you sent were great.  I love that you've enjoyed the Elders so much in your Ward and that they're making a difference.

I feel that as a missionary, I've seen a different side of the work and the sacrifice that leaders and members make in the Church.  That they can affect the lives of many.  I'm grateful for the organization we have in the Church.  I know it's the same Church that existed when Christ lived on the Earth.

You asked about walking on the muddy road.  I think it looks worse than it is and it's only a little part that's not paved.  But it's faster and cheaper to walk than to take the bus to return home.  But, yes, no really every day our shoes/feet are dirty, just from walking all day.

Thank you so much for your love and support that you give me and the other sisters.  Love you always, Your daughter,

Sister Laura Bullen

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