Monday, March 11, 2013

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It's been a crazy couple of days.  Yesterday I received a phone call from the assistants to the President that I will be a trainor.  This morning I had to catch a bus here for Londrina and tomorrow morning we will have our meeting/training with the President and new missionaries.  I will continue working in the same area. I'm way nervous and know its a lot of responsibility, but know that everything will work out alright with the help of the Lord.

Sister R. and Sister C. are being transferred.  Sister M. will be the new companion of Sister B. (will be the third time living in the same house with her) and two other sisters will be living in our house, but working in a different area/ward.   We´ll have 6 sisters in our house.

This last week we had a temple trip in our ward.  I was so happy to see all the families going and some of the recent converts in the ward too.  It's so great to see how the temple blesses our lives.  I'm so grateful our ward has a temple close by (it's like Anchorage, about 7 hours) and for the opportunities to go there.  I know it's the House of the Lord and that deciding to be worthy to go there is one of the best things we can do in our lives.  It's one of the things I was thinking about this week as most of our ward was gone during the weekend.  Last week the letter of the President talked a lot about the temple and the blessings that come from honoring our covenants. 

One other thing this week that seemed to be something we saw a lot of, is how all families have trials and difficulties different.  Sometimes we think it's only our family that has these things happen, but everyone has difficulties.  The thing that keeps us steady is the Gospel and the blessings that come from living honestly and righteously.  There is no substitute for the Gospel.

Ha one song that I´ve thought about this week a lot is the hymn √®ach life that touches ours for good´.  It's one I never sang a lot (and it's probably more common at funerals) but we sang it one morning this week. Probably because of the lack of music or because it's really a beautiful hymn, but we had several of us singing it in the mornings.  I've thought a lot about the words of this hymn this week.  I love the first and second verses `Each life that touches ours for good reflects Thine own great mercy lord; thou sendest blessings from above thru words and deeds of those who love´ .   I´ve had amazing opportunities to get to know other missionaries, members, and of course investigators who have all taught me a lot.  Our Heavenly Father truly blesses us with the people who affect us in our lives.  The people who strengthen our faith and help us really are blessings.  We can always learn something from the people in our lives, it depends on how we look and appreciate the situation.

I'm grateful for all of you and hope you have a great week!!

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