Monday, April 1, 2013

This is all I received today from Laura except another short email requesting some items be mailed.  The one hour weekly of internet time gets split with reports to the mission home and then emails to family.  Sometimes the email home becomes very short.  Afraid I am left wanting more today, but I know she is well and loving what she is doing!  So, I am ok, at least her letters are longer.  Her sweet sister, Susanna, deserved a bigger response from Laura today and I am glad they had a short chat by email.


So time has flown by, Susanna can tell you about our email chat, to not waste time, I won't write about it. 

Times already almost gone. But this week was really good and is flying by.  I can't believe it's already April. I'm really excited for General Conference, I know it will be amazing .  I am so grateful for the opportunity of technology for the whole world to hear the voice of the prophet.  This week we also had a conference with President and Sister Tavares, which was amazing.  They are such amazing people, and I have learned so much, I love hearing them give talks.  Feeling the Spirit with more than 40 missionaries in one room is an amazing thing.

Time is already up, but thank you so much for everything. Hope you all had an amazing Easter, and that you have an amazing general conference.  Love you all!!!

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  1. My son gets a conference this week he's really excited about. Another short email! I'm glad you can read another!