Monday, April 29, 2013

Sisters Bullen and Marques

So I didn´t end up being transferred, but Sister Marques was transferred to the area I was already in.  But I did switch bedrooms and desks - the easiest 'transfer' I've done in the mission.  :)   But this was an amazing week.  Every area that I've worked in Sister Marques has been one of the other missionaries in the house, so we already knew and loved each other really well.  But it's been great to get to know her even better and to work together as a companionship.  She´s an amazing missionary and we are loving working together.  We worked super hard this week and arrived several nights exhausted.  We laughed a few times joking that President put two old sisters together.  She has 1 year and 4 months in the mission and I'm a little over half way (or almost a year.)   :)
We had a really neat visit with one Irmã in the ward.  (When I write Sister I feel like I'm talking about a missionary).  She´s about +80 and lives alone.  She is active, but had said something a few weeks ago how she doesn´t feel like anyone visits, etc.  So we decided to visit her one night and it was really special.  We got to know her a little bit better and she loved the visit.

We also had a couple of really neat experiences working with some of our members this week.  It really helps us see that this work can´t go anywhere without the aid and testimonies of our members.  That they can help so much with this work!  That it really works so much better with our members.

Sister Marques and I leave this afternoon to go to Londrina for a Leadership meeting and we will get to stay 1-2 nights in Ibiporã.  We´re both pretty excited to stay one night in the area we both already passed through.  Although time will be tight it will be neat. 

I´m so grateful for this time that we have to serve and to do this great work.  I know the Gospel is true and that Christ is our Savior.  I love you all, and have a great week!

Ha one last question before I go.
I mentioned an old lady we visited this week, she wanted me to ask Grandma how much it would cost to make and send a patchwork blanket to her.  She said she would pay for everything and the work.  I told her that it would probably be really expensive.  But she wanted me to ask.  And I didn't have the heart to tell her no.  So i'm asking.  But it would be something hard to organize... anyways, she thought they are something really beautiful and, etc. 

Last thing- for mothers day we´re planning on being able to Skype, like we were able to for Christmas. 


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