Monday, September 2, 2013

To: Mom

It was another really good week here in Maringá.  It´s still ´springtime´ but we´re having some really nice sun (followed by a day of colder air and rain). 

Yesterday was really special because it was testimony meeting and I got to see C. bear his testimony.  It's amazing to see the fruits that come from missionary work.  Seeing someone's life change through the atonement of Christ and receive the joy that comes from living the Gospel is truly the best thing.
I also got to see two of our investigators in church yesterday.  They´re a couple who had their 2 sons baptized by sisters who passed here before me and we taught them for time and a whole bunch of other sisters too.  But they´re an amazing couple and he finally got the paperwork ready so that they can get married and then baptized.  It's been really special to see people and to encounter this area again. 

We participated in two divisions this week with two of the sister companionships.  I love getting to do divisions, I always feel that I can learn so much and I know that the learning process never ends.  We truly learn line upon line in the Gospel.  I know that we can make such a difference for someone through our actions. I love seeing how the Gospel is the same for each of us.  But the message of the Restoration adapts and moves each time we teach.  That the Spirit truly gives you the words and promptings. 

We had a really neat family home evening with a couple this week and their son who is a member.  We read some of a talk from Elder Godoy on Families and how they can be eternal.  I know that FHE truly makes a huge difference in the spirit that stays in the home.  That family prayer and scripture study help us stay in the straight and narrow path.  Paying tithing and serving in the church leave a lasting impact on the blessings that come to our family.  I know that obedience is essential for our salvation and is connected to faith.  That we don´t have to always understand, but trust in God that he knows how to lead and guide us. That God calls prophets in every dispensation to lead us. 

Today, we´re catching the bus to go to Londrina for our meeting.  I´m excited to feel the Spirit that is always so strong.  I´m so grateful for our Mission President and his wife for their service and their testimonies. 

I´m so grateful for the joys that come through the little things each day.  That the search for new people and investigators is never easy, but always worth it.  That every person has a divine right to use and exercise their free agency.  I know that God loves us and has a divine role for each of us. 

I hope you have a great week! love you all!

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