Monday, September 17, 2012

Excerpts from a couple of Laura's letters.  We do not get letters often as she does not live close to a Post Office and Brazil is a walking mission.

Laura writes:

You are right, we walk every7where.  I guess I never mentioned that.  The entire country of Brazil is walking missions.  I think some areas had bikes, but some cities are so big and dangerous that the whole country is made up of walking missions.

Thanks again for your constant emails.  I love them.  Emailing is a highlight of P-day and your emails/letters mean a lot.  All missionaries talk about how by the end of your mission the only person still writing you is your Mom - but you are an excellent penpal.  (I think Susanna has been quite faithful too, and has received similar message.  I don't know how often others write.)

I enjoyed hearing about your new fridge.  Sounds like Dad and Erik are enjoying the new garden tractor.  Dad (or you) or Erik needs to explain what a lawn sweeper and thatcher are, though.  Haha.

I forgot to write in my email that we had a Ward activity on missionary work that was really good.  It was a scavenger hunt and 3 teams had to follow scripture clues around the chapel.

Maybe you have posted my address, if not, can you post the address for Londrina on the blog.  Every missionary receives mail there (Londrina missionaries) no matter what area of our mission you are in, so it won't change, my whole mission.  But thanks for everything, love you all!  (I posted it on this blog a few weeks ago).

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