Monday, September 17, 2012

Read a few lines of the email (normally read after I email when I print it) and saw that you mentioned Katrina sent a package. I haven´t received it yet. But it is waiting for me. We get to go to Londrina tomorrow to pick it up from the Post Office. Didn´t know who sent it until saw that line, but was wondering. Am excited to pick it up!

Saw your line about knee high socks. No, what Im talking about are `no show socks´. Made of a nylon material but made for flats or dress shoes so they don't show much. Literally like a sock but the top is really big. In the store they are located right next to the socks and nylons and stuff.

But this week has been really great. Hot upwards of 93 degrees this week, but as people keep saying, only starting to begin summer. Ha I'm excited to see the difference in Spring and Summer. I hear it's more humid during summer, it hasn´t been too humid yet.

One of the really cool things that happened this week was a visit with a member less active in the ward. Her whole family (parents and siblings) are members, but less active. We were going by to visit her sister who has been a bit more receptive to wanting to go to church, but were able to visit the other sister who hasn´t been very interested before. But we had a really good visit that was special. She talked a lot about how she remembers being sealed in the temple with her family when she was 9, and how she still remembers this really well but doesn´t remember other things. How this was special and she knows it was special. We talked about families. And I was talking about how when I was young I remember when my friend was sealed to her parents in the temple I remember knowing how special the expereince was for her. I remember being a little jealous that she got to experience that with her family. Knowing that it would be an experience very special to have with your family. But growing up and today, I am so grateful for my parents and the decision they made from the start to begin an eternal family - to be sealed in the temple. I am so grateful for this gospel and that through this Gospel we can have the opportunity to live with our families forever. I know that families are sacred and a place for us to learn and grow together.
The other thing I really liked that hit me was she said she never forgot the teachings of the church. How she/her family has been inactive for many years, but she has never forgotten. How she wants to go to church but doesn´t feel comfortable there. She talked about how she has lots of friends in the church and knows people don´t talk about her, etc. But how she doesn´t feel good in the heart about things she has done in the past and other things. But it was really a neat visit that I´ve been thinking about.

The phamplet we have of the Restoration we give to people has the picture of Christ holding a lamb. The parable of the 99 sheep and one is lost. And how Christ will leave the 99 to look for the one. That is our purpose to invite all to come unto Christ. We have a loving Heavenly Father who loves ALL of his children. Not just the obedient, not just some and others. But he literally loves and cares for all of his children. The parable of the prodigal son teaches us that. The joy in heaven is greater for the person who has returned from sin then for those who have never lived in sin. This doesn´t mean he loves one more then the other, but I know he has great joy for those who accept the gospel. Who are willing to change their lives to follow Christ, to live this Gospel.  All people deserve an opportunity to make the choice to accept the gospel or not.

This week I also read a talk on Pride that was really good. I think its by Ezra Taft Benson. It's really good. But just want to talk about a little part. Most people think of pride as being arrogant and not caring about others. But there is so much more to pride. Pride is the opposite of humility. You cannot change yourself, who you are, or progress if you have pride. Those who don't forgive or who hold grudges do so with pride. It was said better in the talk, but he said something along the lines of, those who don´t forgive are holding others under their power. Trying to keep these people indebted to them. But anyways its a great talk and have been thinking about it and how it can be connected with so many things.

But its been a great week and love you all!!


Also, was wondering if you could send the recipe for Sugar cookies and maybe a recipe for No-Bake (I think there was a really good one in the recipe book from Grandma's ward that is old and we use a lot)??

Thanks & love you!!

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