Monday, September 24, 2012

How is everyone doing?

Thanks to Katrina for the package I received this week!! It was great and has been fun.

This was a great week and flew by really fast. We had a conference with Elder Godoy on Thursday that was really good. I attached a photo that was taken of everyone at our conference. There was one other day where missionaries who are working/living farther away met. So we had two conferences for everyone. (I feel like this thought wasn´t very clear)... But the frist day people close to Londrina met the second day was for missionaries in our mission farther away. The second group was smaller then ours but not sure how many missionaries. But it was really neat, I´ll have to write about it more in my letter.

We had a really good district meeting this week too. One part that I remember well is our district leader had the picture of the pioneers burying their loved ones who had passed in the frozen ground. He asked what qualities these pioneers had. We talked about how the qualities they had we want to have in our lives and this work as missionaries. But as members, these are qualities all people can really apply to their lives. Faith, Courage, Sacrifice, love, obedience, service, etc. These pioneers were willing to follow the will of the Lord and sacrificed much persecution and hardships. But they witnessed miracles and the hand of the Lord in their lives. Something that was really neat to talk about.

It seems like this week we had a lot of experiences with agency. We´d been teaching one investigator for quite a while (she´s been an investigator for I think more than a year). But she is so special, and I love her. One day she will be baptized, but probably not while I am here.  She has a testimony of this church but she has a few emotional problems that makes it hard for her to go to church and have confidence in other people. But she believes the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She has a desire for baptism but doesn´t want to set a date. Which is hard. Our purpose is to help others become closer to Christ through our Gospel by following Christ and the commandments. One important commandment is baptism. Anyways, it was a really good visit but sad in a way too. We can´t teach everyone and our time is sacred. So it will probably be our last visit for some time. But we could walk away and really know we did everything in our power and capacity to help her know the truth, to help her with her concerns and to invite her to continue to progress.

Out of time some how really fast, but love you all,

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