Monday, September 10, 2012


Susanna, I included you because I'm not sure if Mom is travelling to Washington right now or not so just in case she can't pass this on, thought this would be easier for you all and I started typing Paula´s name but not sure if I have her email.. Hopefully Mom had a good birthday and hopefully Grandma is doing better.

I sent some pictures in a second email last time, but I'm not sure if it went through, got a message it didn´t, so let me know if you didn't get it.

Oh and one other little thing before I forget, maybe you've noticed you're not getting letters as often. We dont have a post office very close, 45 minutes in the area of the other sisters. So unless we eat lunch with members close to the post office or go to Londrina, we don't always get a chance to send letters very often. But I promise I have letters written and waiting to be sent :)

Time seems to be flying by. I officially have 9 weeks in the field, so the same amount that I had in the CTM. But the CTM feels like so long ago. It's weird for me to think that the 2 different times are equal.

I received Mom´s package on Tuesday after our zone meeting. Thanks! It was really fun receiving it and so far the candy has been popular :)

We had a zone meeting this past week that was really good. Our mission scripture Is Alma 26:22 and I love it. We talked a lot about how we can always apply these things, repentance, FE, constant prayer, and good works in our lives. We have 16 missionaries in our zone and 6 in our district. We also talked about how we will have Elder Carlos A Godoy of the Seventy here on September 20 as part of a mission tour. So we will have an opportunity to hear him talk and I'm really excited.

This week we had a ward activity that was a competition between the men and women and who can make the best noodle/pasta dish. It was really fun and we had a lot of the ward and our investigators participate, so it was really good. Being at this activity and a couple of things this week I´ve been thinking a lot about kids and the faith they have and how sometimes its easier for a kid or younger person to accept this gospel. I´m not sure if I remember the whole quote but I think it was Gordon B Hinckely who said every new member needs a friend, a purpose and to learn and receive the Gospel. Sometimes this is easier when kids have a natural tendency to love and to be friends with everyone. They have so much faith and a desire to follow Christ. And how important these children are who are learning the gospel. Our Primary programs have such a great purpose. As do all of our church programs. They help us learn and grow and support one another.

But things are going great here. I can tell I'm really starting to get not just immersed, but accustomed to the language. I was asked to give the testimony in English for our zone meeting and it was a lot harder than it should have been. I tried using Portuguese words a few times on accident, etc. It was weird. I don't always remember my dreams, but I know I've been dreaming in Portuguese for a few weeks. But this week I had one that was really crazy. I remember talking with someone who normally speaks English, and in my dream I also had times where I didn't know a word in Portuguese but I had to keep talking in Portuguese. It was weird, but funny. Even in my dreams my mind is a little confused.

Anyways, out of time, but love you all!

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