Monday, September 23, 2013

To: Mom
This was another crazy week for us.  One of our investigators who has been progressing, her son past away.  Her two sons were baptized about a year ago.  And she´s been progressing with her boyfriend so that they could both get married and after, baptized.  But he dissapeared Sunday morning and they found his body Monday afternoon.  So Tuesday sister De Moura and I went to the funeral and we spent Monday night with the family too.  The family received several visits from the ward which was really nice to see the support they received.  It´s been really tough for her, and really sad.  But I´ve really seen how having a testimony of the plan of salvation makes all of the difference.  You can know that while we are separated for a time, they are going to a better place.  And that if we all do our part, live the gospel, then some day our families can be together forever. 
This week we also went to Londrina to do companion exchanges with the 4 sisters in Ibiporâ (my second area).  It was really good to work with them and to help them with some of the difficulties that they have.  I really learn in divisions that it doesn't matter what area, etc. We can be happy, work hard, receive blessings, and do the work of the lord. 
Yesterday, in gospel principles the lesson was about family responsibilities and we talked about examples from our parents, etc.  How blessed I am to have an amazing mom and dad. 
Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Mom, I'm sending photos to make up for last weeks lack of very much email (and because I'm sending photos it took some time away from writing....) 
but there are two photos from our last leadership meeting and one that I thought was funny, when we were using a pay phone. 
love you!!!!!!!!!
PS- a foto is worth a 1000 words :)

Sister Bullen and Sister De Moura.
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At the last leadership meeting.

Sister Bullen using a payphone

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  1. That is such a sad story! My heart just breaks for them. (On a lighter note, I loved my son's phone booth photo!)