Saturday, September 28, 2013

I finally received letters this week from Sister Laura Bullen!!

August 26th

I don't think I've written for a few weeks now.  Sorry, with transfers and crazy P-days I didn't have much time.

That's crazy how the Elders got their miles cut.  Leaders/secretaries have been looking at the additional money missionaries receive here too.  We've been walking a ton here in Maringa!  Our area is huge, but the bus is expensive.  So sometimes we're walking an hour just to arrive for lunch.  But we don't mind the extra walking.  I hope the Elders have a lot of help from the Brothers.  Relying on the members could be a blessing for the work or really difficult.

That's really neat that Skip and Olga Cook are Temple President and Matron.  Did they sell their home?  That'll be really neat for them.  It'll be nice to see them when we visit the temple.  I'm so grateful for all that you and Dad have done to make the temple part of our lives.  For the sacrifices you've made to go and to always return.  I know that it's the place more Holy and sacred here on the Earth.

Sorry this letter will be short - we're heading out to buy food for lunch.


Sister Bullen

September 9th

Sounds like you had a good birthday.  I certainly remembered you and hope you felt the love that I have for you.

I love getting your letters and emails, thank you!  I (and the Sisters, too) all think it's funny how much you know, because of Facebook.  I didn't even know what Elders (or even a specific date yet for when I will return home.  But several of the Elders you mentioned are Zone Leaders and one is the Assistant to the President.  I know that I will be the only sister leaving on the transfer when I will return home.

That's cool that you might be able to go to the temple and hope you all enjoy it.  It's something that I miss.

This week we were talking with a man at his door when his friend came up and he was/is a member, but less active.  It's been a long time since he was active and I don't think he has much desire to return.  But several times in the street, or knocking on doors, etc. we've encountered less-actives and many times it's surprising how much people can forget about the Gospel and doctrine.

But I truly know it's really hard for less actives to return to Church.  People worry about clothes, about who will sit with, who will talk to them, or maybe what people will think.  But I also know that sometimes this happens with people who are active, too.  Every member needs a friend and a purpose in church.  Satan truly knows how to keep people from returning to church.  If we remember that each of us has a great part to do in the Gospel and to bless the lives of others.  When we met this man in the street he started to express how he doesn't even know if God lives or how much he means to him.  I could bear my testimony for him, that I know each person has a great value in the eyes of God.  We are his children and he loves us.  I know the Gospel is true, that we truly have the Church of Christ here on the earth.  I know that we have a living Prophet.  I know that God gives us the forces we need to do his will.  I am so grateful for the mission and for all that I have learned and will still learn.  I love you all!

Sister Laura Bullen

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