Monday, September 16, 2013

Sister Bulo: Mom
Sorry this email won´t be tooo long.  We left a little late leaving the house and we´re catching a bus to go to Londrina today about 6 pm to do companion exchanges the next two days with the sisters there.  So our time got cut a little short today. 
But this week was good for us.  We were able to go on exchanges this week too and I went with Sister Edwards one day who´s brand new with four weeks in the field.  The other day i went with Sister Gee who is only one transfer behind me.  I love divisions because you truly can learn with each sister and we always have great experiences. 
I really know that we can be happy and see the blessings in each part of life or wherever we are.  I know that God loves us and guides us. 
Love you all and hope you have a great week!
PS- i know i know mom, i promise you a long letter next week 
love you!!!

As you see, Sister Bullen's email is extremely short.  I would complain a little if it wasn't that I also received a copy of the email she received giving her return home itinerary.  She arrives home November 14th.  Yippee!!  

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  1. I guess I wouldn't mind as much either if my son was coming home in November! Otherwise....too short!