Monday, September 30, 2013

To: Mom
So it's one more transfer day here in the mission.  And I´m staying here in Maringá with Sister De Moura. I'm really happy to be staying with Sister De Moura - she´s awesome and we work great together.  We really thought one of us would be transferred.  But there's only one thing I know about transfers - and that's that you never know what will happen.  But it's always the will of God.  Between Sister De Moura and I, we have 8 transfers here.  I was here for 4.  She arrived when I left and she passed two here.  And now we are on the 2nd together.  That's a lot of time for our area.  For example, we have a new investigator we were teaching this past week who remembered me from a time that I already passed in her house when she lived in a different area.  But I know we are here together to work and to help others come unto Christ by being baptized and receiving the blessings of the gospel. 

This was a great week.  We spent it running.  L. called us Tuesday night saying she wanted to talk.  Normally this isn't good.  And as her son had died recently and she was passing through a lot, we arrived Wednesday, with I admit a little dread.  But she shared an amazing story how she had truly received an answer from God that our message and this Church are true.  And now more then ever she wanted to be baptized (and she needed to get married before she could get baptized).  So we went to the city office the next day as early as we could to see what could happen.  Here you have to start a process of paperwork, etc. etc. and wait for 19 days for the authorization to marry, etc.  She was in the middle of this process when her son passed away and the date almost fell through.  But miraculously everything worked out.  I can officially say we helped plan a wedding in 2 days.  She and her husband were married Saturday and were baptized the same night.  Sunday they were confirmed.  They were married in the church and the Bishop performed the service.  We truly were so grateful for the help of the Lord and all of the missionaries and members who helped.  Clothes, money, and everything that worked out.  It was such an amazing experience and I am so excited for this family.  They truly deserve all of the blessings that come from their obedience. 

Yesterday, in Gospel Principles I was elected (of the sisters) to give the class.  Haha and the topic was eternal marriage.  But it was fun and a good class.  I was able to see C. give a talk also.  There´s nothing better then to see those who you have taught and baptized progress in the gospel.  People can change. The gospel - the atonement of Christ enables us to change and to make our lives better.  I am so grateful for this.  I know the only way we can live with God and with our families forever is through being baptized by someone authorized of God and living worthy until the end.

Love you all, have a great week!!


I know you're dying for information, hope I helped kill this hunger a little bit today :)
I'm sending three photos from the wedding/baptism and  a photo of our district.

LOVE YOU Mamãe!!!!

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