Monday, October 1, 2012

I can´t believe it's October! Tomorrow is the start of a new transfer for us, but I'm staying with Sister Passos in our area. For which I'm really grateful. We have been working really hard with some of the people we have here and I want to continue helping and working with these people here. We have desires for this area to continue growing.

I also can´t believe General Conference is this weekend, crazy! I'm super excited, and while I don´t know how much I'll understand :) Im excited. I know that this is such a great opportunity to hear our prophet and apostles speak and am so excited!

Yesterday was a really great church meeting. The sacrament meeting they had a primary program for the kids where they sang primary songs and had lines to read and say for the program. It was the first one I´ve seen for several years, but it was so great and so spiritual. Children really are so full of faith and love and innocence. This week we also had a couple of fun experiences with kids too. One was an investigator we have and she has a 3 year old son, who is so stinking cute. We hadn´t talked to her in several weeks because she works night shift and is normally sleeping or not at home when we can visit her. But she happened to come by the house of her niece, who is a recent convert we were visiting. Anyways, it was really funny, because the last time we talked, I could barely understand what he was saying. But the other day he was showing me pictures and talking, and we had a conversation. It was silly, but so cute, and fun to see. He also, said the prayer for our opening lesson (his cousin of 12 years and grandma) were talking about who should say it, etc. And he piped in and said he wanted to say it, etc. haha it was cute and led into our lesson of the gospel perfectly to talk about faith.

We also have a boy in our ward who is 12 years old and a recent convert. his mom is a different religion, his dad and his other siblings aren´t active as well. But he walks every sunday by himself to go to church. He has so much faith and his testimony is so strong. It's been really cool to see his example.

We had a really cool experience with service this week too. I've always had a strong testimony of service and love helping these people when we get the chance. I made no-bake cookies (thanks for the recipe mom!) and we went to drop´some off with the bishop and talk with him and his family. But they weren´t there so we left them with the neighbors and left a simple note under the door. But sunday at church him and his wife were both so grateful and talked with us for a little bit etc. But it was just another experience to testify that a little service can go a long way to show someone you are thinking about them and appreciate them.

Ha just a funny experience. So we met a new family this week we are teaching and the grandma absolutely LOVES my accent. haha it's funny, but its also kind of like, um excuse me, im not cute- I'm a missionary and trying to teach you!!! haha but she asked me to say her full name and a couple of words more because she wanted to hear how I say them. It was cute. haha but silly. But Sister Passos thought it was funny :)

Its been a great week and love you all!


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