Monday, October 22, 2012

This week we had an emergency transfer and Sister M´s companion was transferred to a different area.  Sister M. joined Sister P. and I and we are working in a trio with our two areas combined, so we are covering a huge area. We found out a few days later that tranfers happened because Sister Empey will be returning home to care for her back and knees and will probably get to finish her mission in the US. (I saw in your email you knew already). It's sad that she can´t finish her mission, because I know how much she wanted to finish and how little she wants others to worry about her. But I know that she influenced and helped many people here and she will get to do the same in whatever area she can finish her mission. We got opportunites during our phone conference of sisters to say something if we wanted and Sister Empey got to bear her testimony. It was bittersweet. But I'm so grateful for the trainor that she was for me.

This week I woke up for my birthday and all the sisters had surprised me with cake and decorations. It was really sweet and fun. It was a pleasure to celebrate my birthday here with these amazing missionaries and people here serving our Lord. I´m so grateful for the blessings that I have in my life and for this opportunity. I am forever grateful for my family and the support they are to me. (love you all!)

Sunday I gave my first talk in Sacrament Meeting. It was on missionary work. And I was nervous when they first asked me, but then I realized I had talked with, visited, or taught just about every single member in our ward. Haha so everyone already knew the level of my Portuguese. But it was a really cool moment sitting on the stand thinking about our ward. And how truly we think, worry and love all of these families here. We truly pray and love the families and people here and want them to be happy. And of course how much we need our ward and each person to help this work grow. We have the promise of the apostles of our church that this work grows faster and is more successful when members share the gospel with their friends and family and when members and missionaries work together.

One of the cool experiences this week was teaching the Word of Wisdom to a family in our ward. The 11 year old boy is a member and walks to church every week alone. His mom isn´t a member and his dad and twin brother are inactive. But their family is awesome and I know how much this gospel will bless them. But teaching them this commandment it was really cool teaching the mom, because she smokes and drinks coffee and she said she believes it's true and that these things are bad for your body. And while she knows it will be hard she wants to. But it was really cool teaching the lesson, because we talked about how this commandment is also about having good health for your body. And how every person can always improve on how they are living.

But time is almost up..
I attached two photos - 1 of the birthday morning and the other of our district meeting - 3 of us had birthdays right in a row, so we had cake after our meeting (Elder B. and Elder L. were the others with b-days).

But love you all, and hope you have a  great week!
Sister Laura Ann Bullen

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