Monday, October 15, 2012

But this week was a great week! We had the baptism of Francisco yesterday. He is 12 and a grandson of a member in the ward. He is an amazing young man and I am so excited for him. He has a sincere desire to follow Christ and it has been really great this last week to teach him and see his testimony grow. The baptismal service was really neat yesterday and the ward really supported him so we´re excited to see him grow in the youth program, etc. (I included a photo of us with Francisco and another of us 4 sisters outside the church)
I also included a photo of us for the anniversary of Sister Passos. She marked 9 months in the mission. So we had a surprise for her for this, this past week. Let me tell you, it is an impressive feat to pull off a surprise with missionaries when you are almost constantly with your companion. It's probably easier for us since our house (is small) but is two stories. So when she´s downstairs or showering, etc. We were planning :)
Another photo was with us with some pets of a family less active in the ward. They have 4 kids, but their 3 year old is always giving us their animals in our laps. So we took a pic.
This week I experienced true Brazil rain. It´s rained a few times pretty good on us. But this time we got caught in the rain between visits and only I had an umbrella. I love my umbrella, because it's light and can fit in my backpack, but this means it can only really help one person. And sister Passos forgot her umbrella in a house earlier that day. But it was really windy so I used my umbrella more for my backpack than for myself. Ha my scriptures, etc were more important : ) but we were a pretty sore sight when we arrived. Especially sister Passos. The family we were teaching has two small kittens and they were licking the water off of her skirt. It was soaked! It was funny and we enjoyed the break from sun.
I´m so grateful for my family and friends and this Gospel in my life! I am always impressed by the members and missionaries I meet that are the pioneers of their family entering this Gospel and following Christ. Sister M. and Sister R. both only have a few members in their extended family. This past weekend was the temple trip for our ward. While I miss going to the temple, I am grateful to have temples in so many places of the world. I can see the difference the blessings of the temple make for these people and am grateful for them.
Love you all!!
Sister Bullen


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