Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy General Conference!

Mom, the ever fateful question you had about conference. No,I didn´t understand too much. But I had been ´forewarned´ by others that normally people don´t understand their first conference very much. They had an English room there, but I'm the only American sister, so I watched in Portuguese. It was still really good to watch all of the sessions of conference. We had one of our investigators there which was really neat. I´m so grateful for our prophet and our oportunity for the whole world to hear him. With conference this week I´ve been thinking a lot about our Prophet and the importance of listening to his council and the blessings that come from obedience.

This week seemed to fly by. I attached a photo of our zone meeting we had this week. I love our district and zone meetings, we always leave with a fresh renewal of hope and faith for the week. We´re staying busy with investigators and members here.

One funny story this week. I´ve never been ´really tall´ only average hight. But here I'm normally a good 4 inches or more taller then the women. We were visiting one lady this week who asked me to change her lightbulb for her so it was a funny experience as I changed her lightbulb standing on top of a chair and a blanket to reach the ceiling. But it's always really good when the members or investigators ask us to help with something, even if it's small, because we want to help whenever we can.

We also had a miracle contact this week. We were returning to our house and walked by a man who stopped us and asked if we had something he could read. haha I know! we were like, ha actually yes. But anyways he´s really great. He´s probably about 40ish and has a really sincere desire to change his life around. It was so spiritual and neat meeting with him and his family. We talked on the sidewalk for our visit and most of his family seemed to dissapear. They don´t have too much faith that he can change. But he talked a lot about how he wants to change his life around to be an example for his family.

We also had a really sweet experience with another man on a different street. We stopped to talk to him and ended up listening as this man who is 87 talked about how his wife had passed away the week before and his children want him to move etc, and he was just feeling really sad and lonely. We talked on a bench outside his house. He is óur grandfather of Riviera´ because we felt so much love for this man. It was an expereince that reiterated the importance of listening for us.

A couple of visits this week have really emphasized the importance of love and support in families. And how change is hard, but with faith in Christ and how we can help each other change. But you can´t help anyone if you don´t first demonstrate how you love them.

Have a great week and love you all!

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