Monday, October 29, 2012

I received your package today! I haven´t opened it - because we had to come to Londrina to the mission office to pick it up (so it could have arrived last week) but I will open it when we arrive back in the house! I also got the pictures from Susanna - I love them! The sisters loved looking at them too! And said I have a beautiful family. They loved the pictures of the temple and of the ice sculpture. Thanks Susanna and Mom!

This week was really good. I love working with Sister Passos and Sister Moura. It's difficult working in a trio sometimes, but we have had some really good moments together. We feel we have something to learn together and are enjoying the time while we have it. It's been a challenge planning for our areas and trying to accompany our investigators in two areas.
We had a visit this week that was really neat. One of the women in our ward is a member with her two children who are older but her husband isn´t a member. We had visited them one night and we were talking about faith. He doesn´t believe in Christ or God and has no desire for church. But he goes to the activities when we have them and is a great guy. He´s always entertaining and is happy with life. It was interesting talking with him. He was talking about how he doesn´t believe in Christ because he´s never felt anything and that those who believe in Christ do so because they have felt something. Well he´s right. The purpose of the Spirit is to testify of truth, to testify of Christ. And we can receive a witness of these feelings in our heart through our faith. But you have to have faith, a pure desire to know. It was interesting talking to him and we are always grateful to those who are honest, and he always is.  : )
Each week until December we are receive a talk on the Atonement of Christ to include in our morning study. I have enjoyed reading and studying these talks. The atonement is essential for this Gospel and for our salvation. I know that Christ suffered for each and every one of us. Our pains, our sorrows, our heartaches, our grief and trials. I know he did this because of the love he has for us. Because of the atonement we can repent of our sins and return to live with him someday. But also the atonement is something we can use every day to help us. In the Book of Mormon Nephi was commanded to build a ship. Nephi had never done this before, nor did he know how. We are called and need to do things we don´t know how nor have the ability to always do these things by ourselves. We need Christ in our lives to be better people, he can help us become better.
This week we also met a woman who we are teaching who is so sweet. She´s probably about 65 ish and lives alone. She went to church with us and is hearing the lessons. But visiting and talking with her demonstrated the importance of listening. People need to feel that others care. It was sweet visiting us and talking with her. There are so many people who just need someone to demonstrate that they are thinking of them. To visit, to talk, and to listen. People in our family, our ward, or our friends. We have people who feel forgotten or lonely and want to feel the love of Christ. We can go a little out of our way to help someone.
I learned the word otorrinolaringolgista this week. Have fun trying.   : )
Love you all, have a great week!
Sister Bullen

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