Monday, December 3, 2012

Dear Mom and family,
Another beautiful week here in Ibiporã. It's starting to be really hot here.  Sister G. started using an umbrella because of the sun.  (We´re not the only ones who do this!)  But when she uses it she wants me to use it too.  And since we walk together I end up using it.  But I'm a good 3-4 inches taller than her.  So normally I'm carrying it or it's rubbing on my head.  So I get a good laugh out of it. Everybody thinks those who live in hot climates are accustomed.  But both Brasilians in our house are having some skin problems because of the heat/sun.  But don´t anybody worry I'm religious with the sunblock :)

I´m really enjoying working with Sister G. She has an amazing Spirit and love for this work.  She hasn´t had the easiest mission, but she has such desires for the work and to help serve the Lord.  This week we worked a lot with the references we had and made a lot of contacts trying to find new people to teach.  We encountered one couple who has a young son and their older son was shot and died when he had 15 years.  It was neat talking to this couple and to see the difference in her eyes. When we shared a small scripture and talked to her about our purpose of life.  Death is sad and hard for those who loose loved ones.  But it's not the end of life.  We have a purpose here on Earth that doesn´t end when we die.  I love talking to people about this message, because we can live with our families forever, if we live worthy and make the right choices here on Earth.

Sunday, Karen was confirmed in church and it was really neat.  Her mom didn´t go to church, but she had her older sister there to support her.  I´m so grateful for our branch President and the love he has for this work.  He welcomed her into the branch and asked the branch to support her.  Not just the Primary, but all of us.  And that´s what I love about this church, we are here to support one another, to build up the kingdom of God.  We encountered a family less active this week.  We decided to knock doors on a house we were passing and it ended up being a woman who was baptized when she was younger, but after several years, she stopped going to church.  She and almost all of her family was baptized together and slowly all stopped going. It was so neat talking to her. And how she wants to start going to church again. It was neat to talk to her and to feel the Spirit that she has.

I read this quote this week in a Liahona - I promise we´re always busy, but the time after planning before we go to bed, sometimes I read the Liahona and don´t write in my journal - but I´ll do better with the journal I promise.  But I read this quote,  `What we insistently desire, overtime, is what we will eventually become and what we will receive in eternity`.  I loved this quote.  There are so many people who know they have things to improve or have goals for later in life.  But when we have these desires and want to change, we can start now.  Its not always easy, but with a desire we can become the people we want to be.  Don´t let others hinder your positive change.  We all have the ability to choose and we will live with our desires.  We will grow and develop according to our desires.

Love you all,

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