Monday, December 3, 2012

I wasn't going to post this letter from Laura's companion, but decided it shows why Laura enjoys her Mission and the wonderful relationship that exists between missionaries.  The missionaries are blessed so much by the people they serve with and those that they serve, teaching the gospel to.  Wonderful relationships are made that will be remembered all of their lives.  The love of Christ that they share I feel is expressed in this letter by a very loving young woman, and represents all of the sisters Laura has lived with, each are such beautiful missionaries - inside and out with great love for all children of our Heavenly Father.  Laura has stated many times "companionships are inspired." and this letter is a further witness of why they love their companions and feel like they are with family.  It also shows the love this sister has for the gospel of Christ.  It gives me peace in knowing she and her companions serve so well together in spirit and love.  We had trouble reading and using Google Translate and Susanna scanned the letter and sent it to a friend who served her mission in Brazil.  This is the translation we were given.  Such a wonderful young woman she is.  Nothing would be more special than to be able to meet all of these wonderful young women Laura has the opportunity to serve with on her mission. 

"Dear Shauna,

I hope that you can understand everything I write in this letter.  First of all, thank you for your wonderful family that you have.  I have a great love for each one of you, even as much as a pair of Labradors.  (I should explain - evidently Laura has talked about the 2 labs we have.)

I love to do this work, alongside your daughter.  Sister Bullen is a natural expression of love for your neighbor.  Her smile and her mannerisms capture all of the people.  We always joke that she is the sweetest of the threesome.  She has a vision of the plan of salvation and is able to live it because she seeks help daily from the Lord to make her able to do the work.  We are also happy when we know that you are well.  Every Monday we share with each other, news from our families, and we are always glad to hear news from your family.

I am learning English with your daughter and when I am done with the mission I want to come visit Sister Bullen in Alaska and play in the snow.  LOL

This work is marvelous!  I love Jesus Christ!  He lives and guides his church.  He called us to represent him, and with power and authority we see miracles in the lives of the people here.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Sister M.
Eternally the Lord's Servant"

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