Monday, December 10, 2012


I received the package you sent Friday at the end of our Christmas conference.  I opened it there to give Sister M. & Sister P. the ornaments you mentioned. They loved them and were so happy to get them.  They both received your letters and were both so grateful and excited to tell me about them. We were all impressed you included translation :)  Sister Gee also received a package from her Mom, who sent a small Christmas tree and ornaments and presents for her.  So we set up a tree and were able to put the presents you sent under the tree.  We were all so excited and so grateful to receive the presents you sent.  The sisters gave me hugs to pass onto you.  What might seem like a small thing to you was a really sweet thing for us.  Thank you so much for your love and service you are spreading all the way to our side of the world.  You are amazing!  For some this will be the first time having wrapped presents under the tree.  We are all so excited to open presents on Christmas day.  Thank you so much from all of us.

Also, for Christmas day we have a member who has skype, so probably we will be able to use that to talk to you all there.  We don´t know for certain yet, but probably the afternoon Christmas day we will be able to use skype to talk to you all there.  Normally it was Paula, Susanna or you who used skype.  Do you know what I need to ´call´ you? Email address?  And I know you can talk to more then one person on skype, but I don´t know if its still free.  So I don´t know if Dad will be there or if he´ll be at work. I don´t know if he can borrow a laptop or if he can use skype there or not.  But we only have a few more p-days before Christmas to coordinate :)

Another amazing week here.  Don´t have a lot of time left, because I finally bought a Pindrive to put my pictures on.  Friday we had our Christmas Conference which was really nice.  We met in Londrina with one other zone (Tiradentes my first zone) and our zone, zona Londrina.  We were there from 7 am until almost 7 pm or so.  So it was a full day there.  But I´ll have to write about it in my letter, because times is almost up.  But some photos :)

1 - me with a photo of why I think this area is beautiful (walking after lunch with the Branch President and his family Sunday)
2 - Sister G. and I after Conferencia de Natal with our packages
3 - All of us with the Christmas tree !
4 - Sister P. & Sister M. with their ornaments from Mom!
5 - Us after the Christmas Conference

Love you all and have an amazing week!

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  1. Good for you to send an ornament to share and something under the tree! I told my son to share, but I don't even know if he's waiting until Christmas!