Monday, December 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to Susanna!! Who celebrated a few days ago, love you!


You mentioned a username for Skype, do I need a password, or anything else?

I don´t know the phone number for the house, we will be at, Because I'm BEING TRANSFERRED!!!!!

We all thought if anyone would be transferred it would be Sister G., because she´s been here the longest for 4 transfers, and Sister G. and I only have one transfer here. But, I know these transfers and our companionships and areas are inspired and directed by the Lord. I'm being transfered to Maringá to work with Sister R. She was companions with Sister M. for 2 weeks but was the sister transferred in the emergency transfer, when sister Empey returned home. So I know her only a little. It will be exciting to see what I have to learn there and to start a new area again.

This week was really good. We´ve been blessed with some great rain, and it's been cooler, but really humid. We stumbled upon a family this week that the parents are both members less active and they have 2 really young kids. We had a really good visit and they are an amazing family. They want to return to church, because they know they should and it would help their family, but it's hard too, because they (like all less actives I've met) worry about other people and the changes they have to make. I know it's hard for people to return, but I also know it's the best decision we can make, not only for ourselves, but all of those in our circles.


I was wondering if you could send a Christmas recipe or 2 that are simple. Maybe fudge? We don't have peanut butter or Powdered sugar here in Brasil.

Also, Susanna asked a few weeks ago if I needed anything. I couldn´t think of anything. But the other day I dropped my mouth guard container on the ground, and the binding broke (it had been worn for a little while). No worries, it's bound with packing tape for right now. But the next time a package comes my way, if it's an easy thing to get, maybe a container for my mouth guard. It's not anything I need right away.

Love you all, and hope you all have a great week.

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